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The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Video Marketing

Are you a real estate agent interested in enhancing your real estate marketing strategy?

Then, you have landed in the best possible place.

When it comes to advertising in real estate, there is something that your strategy should always include: video content.

But if you are only just getting started, you might have lots of doubts and questions.

No worries: read our real estate video marketing guide right here, and get ready to reap amazing benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Real Estate Video Marketing?

64 percent of marketers have stated that creating videos is amongst some of the most challenging content for them to create. But, when you get it right, the payoff is massive.


Let’s Discuss Your Video Marketing Goals

Videos Increase Client Trust

When it comes to real estate marketing, the main objective is to sell homes and increase client trust. The best way to showcase your digital marketing for real estate agents skills is through video.

Not only are you able to show potential buyers the listings you’ve showcased on your social media for real estate agents, but you also get to display each agent’s skills. Over time, buyers will continue to build their trust in your agent and opt to work with you to find their next dream home.

Videos Are the Best Form of Advertising

When it comes to digital marketing for realtors, there’s no better way to do things than through video. People that visit your site or your social media platforms are only guaranteed to read 28 percent of the content you publish.

If you’re using real estate SEO properly, this doesn’t mean that you’re not showing up in searches. It just means the average consumer’s attention span isn’t as long as it used to be.

But, when you work with a digital marketing specialist for realtors, they know how to create videos that will get your message across will holding onto viewers’ attention.

Not only that, but these specialists can walk you through the best social media marketing for real estate agents’ techniques used today.

Videos Increase Activity and Engagement

As far as SEO management services, its purpose is to increase engagement and activity with each piece of content you post. There are several real estate marketing solutions out there, but none is more effective than video.

Using the right real estate hashtags or realtor newsletter ideas can provide people with more information. By doing this in the form of real estate video marketing, you’ll increase the number of inquires you have pouring in.

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5 Ways to Use Video For Your Real Estate Business

Video is one of the most attention-grabbing ways to advertise your real estate business and listings. According to one study, listings with videos get 403% more inquiries than listings without.

Here are five ways to use video marketing for your real estate business.

Listing Videos

There’s no better way to showcase your listing than with a listing video. 73% of homeowners say they are more likely to list with a realtor who offers video, but only about 10% of agents do! Listing videos can be made from still photos (like the ones required by your MLS) or you can incorporate video and even drone footage.

Choose to either use a voiceover to describe the features of the listing or use text on the screen to highlight property attributes like the number of beds, baths, square footage, and more. If you do use a voiceover, it is best practice to also include subtitles/captioning on the video so that it brings the same value to users who watch without sound or to assist those who are hearing-challenged.

Testimonial Videos

If you’ve got a past client who is willing to help you create a testimonial video, it can be one of the most powerful forms of advertising for your brand. Two out of three people say they would be more likely to make a purchase after watching a testimonial video demonstrating how a business, product, or service had helped someone like them.

A testimonial video should use a real past client and should identify when and how you worked with them (as a buying or seller’s agent). When it comes to making a testimonial video, skip the scripts and instead use an interview format where you ask your client about their experience buying/selling real estate and working with you. This interview can then be edited into one long video or chopped into smaller bits that would work well as short Facebook ads or organic social media content.

Real Estate Social Media Marketing 101

Explainer Videos

Most people don’t have a lot of experience buying and selling property. As a real estate agent, this allows you to step in and be the expert, and explainer videos are a great way to do this. A simple explainer video should be just a few minutes long and can cover real estate-related topics in quick, bite-sized chunks.

Choose to focus on just buyer or seller questions or help your audience get a more complete view with real estate 101-style videos that answer simple, frequently asked questions like “What does a real estate agent do?” or “Why should I work with a real estate agent?” This can be a good opportunity to establish more name-face recognition with your audience, but busy real estate agents can also hire others to do explainer or spokesperson videos to get great content without the time commitment.

Neighborhood Highlight Videos

Real estate agents in large cities like Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles are likely to specialize in certain areas of the city due to property type or simple geography. While local buyers and sellers may be well aware of the differences in Boystown and Humboldt Park or West Loop vs Chinatown, these differences may be lost on out-of-town house hunters.

As a real estate agent, your videos can highlight the unique traits, establishments, and features that make certain neighborhoods special. Keep in mind when doing a neighborhood highlight video that there are certain topics (demographics, crime rate, etc) you may want to avoid due to Fair Housing Act compliance.

A neighborhood highlight video can also easily be converted into a local SEO powerhouse article. After you’ve made the video, create a transcription or summary and upload it to your website as well to get a boost for your location-specific keywords.

Realtor Profile Video

As a real estate agent, you are your business and your business is to help people navigate through one of the most expensive purchases and sales in their life. To win new clients requires trust which is why repeat and referral business is so important to real estate agents, but it’s not the only way to create trust. People are evolutionarily hardwired to determine the “trustworthiness” of others as part of forming a first impression.

One of the best ways to quickly gain the trust of potential clients is to allow them to become familiar with you through a profile video. Instead of reading a generic bio on your website, potential clients will be able to get a better sense of who you are while seeing your expressions and hearing your voice, all while subconsciously building trust before you even meet.


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Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas: How to Make Your Video Go Viral

Real estate video gives you a great opportunity to build your client pool. But you can’t just film yourself talking about real estate. You need to find creative real estate video ideas.

What should you do on a visual level? What are some qualities of great viral videos? How can you encourage a viewer to check your website out?

Answer these questions and you can master how to make a video go viral. Here are just a few ideas.

Use Great Visuals

Real estate video marketing benefits include increased client trust. Real estate videos should show off the unique features of a property, allowing a viewer to see the exterior and interior. At the end of the video, your viewer should feel confident in contacting you for more information.

Follow principles for color psychology. Bright colors invoke hope and motivation in someone, so put bright colors in the frame. Dark colors can be soothing, so you can put them in bedrooms to make the viewer feel relaxed.

The quality of your video should be as high as possible. Use HD cameras and audio recording devices so everything looks and sounds perfect. Do reshoots if things seem blurry.

Be Funny

Any subject matter can be in a viral video. But the majority of viral videos are funny in some way.

You can portray a humorous situation where someone would use different features of your property. Someone may have forgotten something, and they use convenient doors and staircases to retrieve their item.

Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

Most viral videos are quick and to the point. Real estate video marketing ideas should take less than three minutes to execute.

If your video will go on Twitter, it should be less than a minute long. Users on the platform scroll through posts quickly, and they will not take time to watch a video.

Don’t write a full skit. Focus on one or two jokes you can make while showing impressive visuals.

Write a Good Title and Description

Real estate video should put a property or agent front and center. But you should not title your video with your name or a property name.

Come up with a title that is reflective of your video in some way. Keep it less than ten words long, and read it out loud so it flows naturally.

Treat your description as though it is a piece of written marketing. Include a call-to-action that encourages your viewer to check out a posting or your website. You can also include a link at the end of your video.

Keep It Short and Sweet

While long-form video is increasingly more popular (think about, for example, Instagram lives or reels), in real estate it’s best to keep it brief and to the point.

The chances are that your viewers won’t have much time to sit through a ten-minute long video, regardless of how good it is.

A video in the ballpark of two to four minutes is a great option.

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Real Estate Video Marketing: The Benefits are One Video Away

Real estate video marketing is a great way to spread information about your listings and broadcast the professional skills of your agents. If done the right way, you can hope to see an increase in inquiries about using your services.

Not sure who to turn to when it comes to digital marketing services? There’s no need to worry; contact Neur and let us put our skills to work for you.

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