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Why Your Business Needs a Spokesperson Video

Last updated June 2023

When you think of a spokesperson, it’s likely you imagine a celebrity, but there has been much research done to support the general benefits of having a spokesperson in advertising. A good spokesperson can help to humanize your brand and can create more trust, and subsequently, sales. Here are the top reasons why you need a spokesperson video for your business.

Create Trust

Challenge: Try to think of an insurance company that doesn’t use a spokesperson in their advertising. From Flo to the Geico Gecko to Jake and his khakis from State Farm, one of the easiest ways to create trust for your brand is with a spokesperson. A spokesperson gives a  face to your brand and gives customers a character to connect with. This is especially important when you’re in an industry that requires a lot of trust, but also is intangible, like insurance.

Spokesperson Video Tip: Creating trust starts with honesty and authenticity. Choose a spokesperson that will resonate with your audience by picking someone who is in the same demographic as your customer. If you’re selling a product like avocado-themed baby onesies, having a spokesperson who could be a Millennial mom will be much more effective than one who looks like a rough-and-tumble biker.

Engage Your Customers

Whether you’re trying to sell services or physical products, a spokesperson video can help to explain features, provide details, or give a general overview of your business or industry in a more interesting way. These videos can be especially helpful with long or technical information that is important to your customers, but also very dry or boring to read in a text version.

Spokesperson Video Tip: Video content is great for engaging and supporting your current audience and can be done easily. Instead of writing a video script, finding someone to film, act and then edit it, you can use a video spokesperson service. This service will take your existing content, things like blogs or product pages, and turn it into a short video that can be easily shared on social media and embedded into your website. This can lead to a longer time on your website and a shorter sales process because of the information shared and trust earned. 

Find New Audiences

A spokesperson is also a great way to engage with potential clients before they have bought into your product or service. Social media sites tend to prioritize video content so having a well-constructed spokesperson video can be a great way to engage with new audiences. Finding a new audience can often be done by using a lot of the same videos that have been created for your existing audience along with some more early-funnel content about who your company is and who you serve.

Spokesperson Video Tip: For businesses with a wide and diverse potential group of customers, it’s a good idea to use a variety of different spokespeople for top-of-the-funnel content. While consistency and familiarity are great for your more detailed and specific videos, having a diverse cast for your overview or intro videos will help to attract more eyes and help you to understand which spokesperson is connecting well for your specific audience.

The use of video in sales and marketing only continues to grow. According to research, more than 70% of people prefer to get information about a product or service from a video and that number continues to grow. Get started today and see the difference by adding a customized spokesperson video to your marketing toolbox!

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