Custom WordPress Website Design

WordPress Website Design & Development

Your website can reach more customers than an office or retail building so it’s important to put your best foot forward. Make it easy for people to find you and take the next steps to becoming a customer with a custom-designed and developed WordPress website.

WordPress offers a fully featured website platform that’s easy to manage and update for even the least tech-savvy website owner. This flexible and easy-to-use framework, paired with a professional design and all the latest SEO best practises, will help you to reach more people and win more customers.

Don’t settle for a generic website template. Stand out with a custom-designed WordPress website that fits your needs and helps to accomplish your goals. From e-commerce and sales features to audience-building engagement tools, we’ll help you build the website you need to take your business farther.

WordPress Website Design

Much like designing a building, designing a website takes some early planning. You must consider the purpose of the site, the people that will use it, and any special considerations before construction begins.

Even before considering the content on your website, the design can help to convey your industry, brand, and professionalism to prospective clients.

WordPress Website Design Questions:

  • What is the purpose of your website?
  • Why are you considering a new website?
  • Who will be using the website?
  • How will you know if your website is successful?
  • Where do most people use your website (desktop or mobile device)?

WordPress Website Design Process

Design Wishlist

Share with us your wants, needs, likes, and dislikes. Whether you’re looking to keep the same content or completely reinvent your website, we want to understand what your end goal is so that we can help you create it.

Design Prototype Mockup

Before we begin developing your website, you’ll get a design prototype mockup to review. This will allow you to see exactly how your new website will function and gives you the opportunity to make any layout, design, or formatting changes before the website is sent to the development phase.

Design Approval

After the review changes are made on the prototype, you’ll have the opportunity to give final approval on the design. Once approval has been granted, the website development process will begin.

WordPress Website Development

WordPress website development is the process of turning your website dreams and designs into reality. The website design lays the groundwork for the development phase which includes creating the website and a user-friendly administrative backend that allows website owners to quickly and conveniently update their content.

Custom WordPress website development includes:

  • Create a custom, hard-coded, responsive WordPress theme from approved design
  • Migrate current website content (if needed)
  • Add new content (if needed)
  • Incorporate & QA contact form functionality
  • Install Google Analytics code
  • Integrate SEO page editing functionality
  • Integrate social media sharing and following functions
  • Integrate e-commerce functionality & payment processing gateway (if needed)
  • Ensure frontend and backend security
  • QA on all browsers, operating systems, and devices
  • Launch website

Questions about WordPress Website Design & Development?

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