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How to import WooCommerce products from a CSV file

How To Import WooCommerce Products

WooCommerce is a great plugin to use if you have or want a shopping cart on your website. WooCommerce incorporates the products, checkout and cart pag...

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How To Remove the Gutenberg Editor - WordPress

How To Remove The Gutenberg Editor in WordPress

WordPress is making a big change in their software very soon. What does that change mean for you? What if you are not a fan of this new change? Good n...

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What Are WordPress Theme Files & What Do They Do?

What Do WordPress Theme Files Do?

Your WordPress theme is made up of numerous files that work together to create the layout and functionality of your website. Each file consists of a m...

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WordPress Plugin Recommendation: Replacing Media Files

WordPress Plugin Recommendation: Replacing Media Files

If you are using a media uploaded image in more than one spot on your website then updating it could be a hassle. First, you would need to upload a ne...

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Learn HTML for your small business WordPress website

Learn HTML for your small business website

At Neur we love making websites easily accessible so you can add or edit content without knowing HTML. While this is a great feature to have it would ...

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Editing Websites Without Knowing HTML

Editing WordPress Websites Without Knowing HTML

We are seeing a lot of requests come in where business owners want to redesign their website to be able to add content and images without knowing HTML...

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Common WordPress Terms

Common WordPress Terms

WordPress can be intimidating the first time you log in. This powerful content management system is waiting on you to add content but where do you sta...

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How to backup your WordPress website

How To Automatically Backup Your WordPress Website

Website backups ensure that if your website is ever hacked, destroyed or accidentally deleted then you can restore it from your most recent backup. In...

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May 2018: Three Must Try WordPress Plugins for Your Small Business Website

Three Must Try WordPress Plugins for Your Small Business Website

WordPress plugins extend the functionality of the core WordPress files. Plugins can add features like making it easier to add or update SEO content, a...

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How To Check Your Website for Google's Mobile First Indexing

How To Check Your Website for Google’s Mobile First Indexing

It's official. Google announced that they have started the mobile first indexing initiative. This means that your website needs to be fast-loading and...

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