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Social Media and SEO: The Relationship Between the Two

Last updated February 2023

The average user spends three hours on social media each day. With its broad reach, social media is a great way to market your content. Many markets also use SEO as a way to get their content found by search engines and new users.

But are the two related? We’re diving into the relationship between social media and SEO. Let’s take a look at how they are related and how you can make the most out of their impacts.

How Are Social Media and SEO Related?

Social media does not directly affect SEO and will not directly increase your SEO success. However, a successful social media strategy may indirectly correlate with a successful SEO strategy.

Social signals may help search engines know how helpful your content is. More shares and engagement indicate that people find the content valuable. 

Search engines don’t count social media links equal to links from authority sites in their ranking algorithms. But, recently, Google and Bing have begun to crawl pages on some platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Experts aren’t fully aware of the impact on rankings.

Overall, success on social media has some positive impacts on SEO activities. It helps distribute the content to more people. This increases visibility and can help drive organic traffic. Posts can also stay relevant and have a longer lifespan than if they aren’t shared.

Social media activities also benefit brand recognition and reputation. It is also helpful in improving local SEO.

Social Media and SEO Correlations

Since there is some correlation between success on social media sites and SEO, it’s important to make the most of both marketing strategies. One of the best things to do is always create and share high-quality content.

Some social media platforms have high-functioning search features. If you optimize posts and your profile for the search engine you can drive more traffic. This is especially beneficial for certain platforms.

LinkedIn makes it easy to sprinkle keywords naturally throughout your profile. You can also optimize posts and headings. 

Facebook has a large user base, making it easy to reach many people. Since Google indexes links on Facebook, it can influence SEO.

Posts on Twitter can gain a lot of traffic quickly if they are optimized. You can share posts more frequently than other sites and use hashtags to increase visibility.

Pinterest functions similarly to a search engine, so keywords are a very effective way of getting content found. There are also many ways to optimize your profile and pins to drive more traffic.

Keys to Improving Your Social Media Strategy

Planning a well-thought-out social media strategy can help you have more success. You can develop a strategy yourself. However, professional social media services may also be a good option.

Be sure to choose content that will drive traffic and increase the chance of it being shared. Blog posts, videos, infographics, and podcasts are great options. Video content now receives higher value from search engines

You should also make it easy for readers to share the content. Add social share buttons to your content. Calls-to-action that encourage people to share the content and captivating headlines that encourage clicks are also helpful.

When using social media, make sure to optimize your brand’s profiles. Fill out all relevant fields with high-quality information. You should include targeted search terms and make sure your profile is on-brand.

Even the metadata of posts can be optimized. Adding details such as location and image tags is a great way to help it get found more easily.

Being active and engaged on these platforms can help you build relationships with users. This is a great way to answer questions and have users share their thoughts. They will feel engaged and connected to your brand.

You can also use social media analytics to identify gaps in your offerings and content. You may be able to identify new opportunities since as new markets or audiences you are missing. With this information, you can better target them in the future.

Ways to Improve Your SEO Strategy

You should also establish an effective SEO strategy to directly impact how well your content is ranked by search engines. Managed SEO services may be a good option to get started.

Again, one of the best ways is to always create high-quality content. Remember to make it helpful to readers and think about their pain points. Content should be written with the reader’s point of view in mind and should always add value for them. 

Revamp any content on your site that is underperforming or of lower quality. You can use strategies like The Skyscraper Technique as a starting point for creating high-quality content.

For this technique, first, find high-ranking posts with lots of backlinks. Then, write similar, but better content. Finally, reach out to marketers from the links of the original article. Just be sure that your article is of extremely high quality.

You can also optimize images in your posts. Choose the correct image format for your site and reduce the file size to optimize loading speeds. You can use keywords in the file name, captions, and alt-text to help your content be found easier.

Finding Professional Assistance

It is possible to develop your own social media and SEO strategies and implement them. But sometimes it can be a lot of work or even just overwhelming to get started. 

If this is the case, you can look into website and marketing services. Social media management plans may be a great way to reduce the workload while still maintaining control over the overall strategy.

WordPress website maintenance services may also be a good idea to keep up to date with the technical SEO actions you’ll need to do. Companies that assist with WordPress website maintenance can take care of the back-end details, such as site metadata.

General SEO services may also be useful. You can get advice on a variety of techniques. SEO rank tracking services can get you started on seeing where you currently rank and how effective your strategy is.

Social Media and SEO

Although social media does not have a direct impact on SEO, it may have a positive influence. You should be sure to optimize both your social media and SEO strategies to make sure you are getting the most out of your marketing.

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