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5 Reasons to Hire a WordPress Maintenance Company

Last updated January 2023

Your business website is an invaluable tool. It can help you reach more people, close the decision gap, and even convert visitors to customers. Just like any tool, websites need regular maintenance. For a business owner with a busy schedule, this can be one task that’s all too easy to ignore, but when it comes to websites, a bit of prevention can prevent a LOT of headaches. Here are 5 reasons to hire a WordPress maintenance company for your website.

Get Regular Security Updates

Your business website is the digital equivalent of your physical store, shop, or office. While it’s intended to attract as many people as possible, not all these people will have good intentions. The internet is filled with bad actors and sooner or later these shady characters will try to break into your website.

There are a variety of reasons someone would want to hack your website: customer data, intellectual property, data ransoming, or payment information are just some of the top motivators. The easiest way for a bad party to get access to your site is through an unpatched security vulnerability which can occur if your WordPress themes or framework are not updated regularly. With regular WordPress maintenance, your website will stay up-to-date and ready for any attacks. 

Creates Backups

Accidents happen. Even with the best of security, some website hacks still occur. Other times, a well-intentioned staff member may try to update your website themselves and something goes wrong and breaks the entire site. Without a website backup, you’ll need to start your site over again from scratch. Thankfully, getting your site up and online is really easy if you have a recent website backup. When you pay for WordPress maintenance, you can rest assured that even if something should happen to your website, you’ll be back online in no time.


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Perform Website Performance Checks

Having a website is a business bare minimum these days. Thanks to a recent Google algorithm update, search engines no longer are looking for just the best answer to a search query, but also the best experience to get to the answer. This can mean a variety of things from page load speed, to reducing intrusive pop-ups, and much more. By enlisting help for your WordPress website maintenance, you can ensure your website is following the current best practices and will continue to be suggested by Google and other search engines.

Regular Uptime Monitoring

A website that is not visible or “up” is not going to help your business. It can lower your business credibility, frustrate your customers, and lead to missed opportunities. A good WordPress website maintenance package will include uptime monitoring to help you keep your website live online as well as help you decide when it may be time to change hosting companies or other providers if their services no longer meet your needs.

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Regular SEO Checks

Winning at SEO is a continuous battle. The rules and best practices are always changing and websites that change with them are most likely to be awarded with more organic traffic. As part of your WordPress website maintenance, SEO checks can help you understand where your website is today and serve as a benchmark for the future.

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