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How To Register a Domain Name

Last updated February 2023

If your thinking about starting a website selling beard oils, fitness clothing or just to blog then the first step in your journey is to buy or register a domain name. Domain names are the .com’s or .net’s you hear all the time. Registering a domain name is a fairly simple process but there’s one thing you should be including before you checkout. Let’s find out how to register a domain name for your website.

Step One: How to Search for a Domain Name

You’ll want to choose a domain name that has simple, clear and easy to remember and in our example we’re going to use GoDaddy as our registrar. Visit and type your domain name into the search box.

Domain names with the .com extension are the most desirable as the majority of people are familiar with .com’s. If the .com you want is not available and you really like the name see if the .net is open. There are over 480 new extensions that are now available so a .shop, .fitness or .blog may be available for your domain name. Once you have your perfect domain name click add to cart.

Step Two: Add Domain Privacy

Domain privacy is the thing you should be including. It’s an additional fee every year but it keeps your private information. When you’ve completed the checkout process and you own a domain your name, address, email and phone number that you’ve entered in GoDaddy—or any domain registrar—is automatically published for the world to see. Adding domain privacy protects yourself from spam and scams by blocking that information. Once you have selected your privacy protection continue to your cart.

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Step Three. Finalize Your Domain

The last step is to review your information and pay. Once that is complete the domain name is yours and you can start building your website.

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