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Starting a Beard Oil Business Website

Last updated May 2023

Are you looking to start a beard oil website as a way to make residual income? Or as a way to earn extra money on the side while keeping your day job?

For the start of 2023 we’ve decided to focus on beard oils. Beards are back in fashion and considered sexier than ever on a man’s face. It’s not surprising that the trend for selling beard oil is rising at a steady pace.

In the past five years, in the United States alone, the interest for beard oils has gone from a boring 16/100 to an exciting 94/100 closing out the 2018 holiday shopping season.

If you’re looking to start your own eCommerce store considering selling beard oils as they are projected to rise in the US, Canada and UK. States like Tennessee, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Utah and Kentucky all have an interest score over 90.

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Beard Oil eCommerce Website Design Tips

You’re selling beard oil so your target market should be men in the age group of 20s – 40s. The site should look clean and very masculine, darker colors and hero images of beards or the beard lifestyle. Beard oil product images would also work very well in this section. Pictured below is a mockup of how we would design a beard oil website if we were working together.

Beard Oil WordPress Website Design Mockup

The site is clean, modern and has been designed on a grid for mobile-friendly, responsive website development. The main focus is selling beard oils and secondary focus on getting emails to try and sell to buyers through email marketing.

Website Navigation

In the navigation we’ve placed the cart icon so visitors can easily see what’s inside their cart at all times. Social media links to the right of the navigation to grow your following and the shop now button stand out with a different color to draw the eye towards it.

Ecommerce Sections

In body we’ve promoted the latest six products with a large call to action to drive traffic towards the entire shop. This section can also be changed to show the latest six featured items.

Below the promotion section is a general shop promotion/email lead generation area. In this section our thought was to attract the visitor to sign up to an email list by offering exclusive discounts like 25% off all of our beard accessories.

Website Footer

The footer sections has a section for recent testimonials, email subscription, another logo for branding, and links for your store.

Ready To Start A Beard Oil Website?

If beard oil, our website design mockup and the potential to get in on this product while the picking is somewhat low sounds good to you then contact us today. We’ll get started redesigning this mockup to match your brand and, on approval, will developing your new beard oil website.

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