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How to Pick the Best WordPress Website Maintenance Services

Last updated May 2023

Even if you haven’t made any changes in years, your company’s website is not static. Unlike a brochure that can be created once and used for years to come, websites need consistent maintenance to ensure that they remain secure and functional.

When it comes to maintaining your business website, it’s important to pick the right WordPress website maintenance services and for companies in the Chicagoland area, that means choosing a Chicago WordPress maintenance company. 


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What’s the Most Important Factor in Choosing WordPress Maintenance Services?

It is critically important that you trust the professional doing the WordPress maintenance for your Chicago business website.

This person and/or their team will have complete access to your website, which can include customer information. They will also have full control and will be able to knock your website offline, both intentionally and accidentally, so it’s best to be certain that you are working with a reputable WordPress maintenance professional.

Also, this trust is paramount as you may not ever be able to see the changes they are making. WordPress maintenance is a nearly invisible service, unless you’re highly tech-savvy and you know what to look for, the only time most people will notice website maintenance is when it’s missing.

How Can WordPress Website Maintenance Services Help My Business?

WordPress maintenance service is vital for any WordPress website owner.

WordPress and its open-source developers are continually releasing updates and patches to plugins and themes in order to make websites perform better and enhance their security.

A WordPress maintenance service should be routinely checking for these updates, verifying compatibility with the rest of the features of the site, and performing these upgrades. They should also be creating regular backups of your website. There are many reasons websites go down or crash and creating a backup is vital to getting back online and back to business quickly.

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These backups can also help you in the event of a cyberattack. The original plan for the folks who were dealing with the ransomware attack that took down the Colonial Pipeline was to use a backup to recreate all systems.

Unfortunately for them, the backups were not current or comprehensive enough for this to be a viable strategy, but for many smaller operations, this can be a excellent way to avoid a large loss from a ransomware attack.

Why Should I Choose WordPress Website Maintenance Services for my Chicago Business?

In addition to the usual “shop local” benefits, choosing a Chicago based WordPress maintenance company has a few extra incentives. Having your WordPress maintenance company based in your time zone makes for much easier communication and any collaboration needed.

Also, a local web developer and WordPress website maintenance services will help you be able to put local context on any oddities you’re seeing in your website.

While someone from out of the area may see an influx of traffic, comments, or other interactions from “Frankfort” and assume that’s spam traffic from Kentucky or Michigan, a Chicago-based provider would think to look a little deeper to see if the this was actually the result of outreach to the southern Chicago suburb of Frankfort.

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Choosing the right WordPress maintenance service for your Chicago business doesn’t have to be difficult.

Neur has been helping business owners and organizations create, design, and maintain their WordPress websites for years. View the affordable pricing for our Chicago WordPress maintenance service online or contact us today for more information.

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