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How Good Web Design Can Help Win New Clients

Last updated October 2022

Even before social distancing, the world was becoming increasingly digital. While some industries got by just fine with simple or outdated websites, these days websites are essential for finding new customers and keeping current clients updated. Today, it’s likely a business’s website may be the first impression for most customers.

Well designed websites help to establish credibility and trustworthiness for potential clients. They are easy to use, clear to understand, and provide the user with enough information to take the next step.

How Good Web Design Wins Customers

Establishes Credibility

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but it’s hard not to judge a website by it’s homepage. Website users will give some leniency for outdated web design in a lot of industries, but have grown increasingly skeptical. Even if you’re got all the necessary security protocols in place, having a modern look creates a sense of authority.  If you’re breaking into a new industry, market, or niche, having good web design can give you credibility boost and make a great first impression.

Creates Clear Path to Action

When a user arrives at your website, it should be clear to them what the point of the website is and how to take the next steps. Websites for local businesses primarily focused on on-site or delivered services should make contact information highly visible. E-commerce sites should have order methods and calls-to-purchase in easy to find spots.

Captures Information for Later

A well-designed website will allow the site owner to collect user information for later. A simple way to do this is by adding an email sign up on your site, however more complex users may opt for an account creation system. Either way, this information can be used to up-sell or cross-sell products or services, to reach out to past customers, or to re-market to those who didn’t convert initially.

Easy to Use, Hard to Say No

Make it easy for your customers to find the information to purchase or take the next step on your website and watch your conversions grow. E-commerce sites should have an easy-to-use cart system that allows users to collect items for purchase without needing login credentials and services should highlight preferred contact methods.

Speaks to Your Customer

A good website speaks to your target audience in a way that connects and converts.

If your business is a large international exporter, your website’s intended audience, and therefore word choice, is going to be a little different than if you owned a Chicagoland dry cleaning business. In the case of local businesses that rely on customers in their area, using references to the area (like which train to get on from Union Station) or how far they are from Riverwalk, can improve local SEO.

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