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Sites to Start Selling: Jade Rollers

Last updated October 2022 | This post may contain affiliate links

From Cleopatra’s legendary milk baths and charcoal eyeliner to jade rollers and waist trainers, people have been searching, and paying handsomely, for the secret to eternal youth and beauty forever.

In recent years, the wellness industry has grown at a pace more than twice as fast as the economy overall and shows no signs of slowing. The personal care, beauty and anti-aging industry in the United States is valued at more than $1 trillion annually making this the perfect industry to start an e-commerce side hustle.

Whether you’re looking to just make some extra cash or start your own empire, you’re going to need a product and a website. One of the hottest trends to start selling right now is jade rollers.

Jade rollers, also known as jade face rollers, are small, handheld devices made of jade or jade colored stone and designed to enhance circulation and smooth the appearance of facial wrinkles. These beauty devices have been around for thousands of years, but have recently resurfaced in modern skin care regimes. The low carrying cost and consistently high search volume make this a great product to launch your wellness site.

Jade rollers are quite popular throughout the U.S. with residents of Los Angeles, New York and Chicago showing special interest in this product category. According to Google Trends, interest scores above 60 are found in more than a quarter of U.S. states and those looking to sell to international markets will benefit from particularly high interest in the Philippines, Netherlands, and Ireland.

Jade Roller Web Design Tips

Start with your audience

Jade rollers are intended as a preventative measure to wrinkles and other signs of aging meaning your audience is likely to be beauty and health conscious women who are mid-twenties or older.

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Keep Calm

Select a white or light colored theme with a hefty dose of open space. The site design should feel soft and airy without heavy text blocks or an abundance of overwhelming visuals. Keep fonts simple and clean with a primarily sans serif font for the body of the website.

Jade green is a natural choice for sites selling jade rollers and other wellness items because of the calm, serene quality of the color, however rose quartz is another very popular choice for the wellness industry.

Sites to Start Selling: Jade Rollers

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Carry On

Choosing a website with a responsive mobile design is more important than ever. The latest statistics predict that 54% of all online shopping will be done on a mobile device by 2021.

Create your site with the primary goal of selling jade rollers and a secondary goal of capturing the email address of users. You can then use these emails in the future to reach out to those who haven’t made a purchase.

Sites to Start Selling: Jade Rollers

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