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How To Automatically Backup Your WordPress Website

Last updated October 2022

Website backups ensure that if your website is ever hacked, destroyed or accidentally deleted then you can restore it from your most recent backup. In this article we’ll configure the settings to backup your theme, uploads, plugins and database automatically, then store it on a remote services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Configure The Backup Settings

  • Install UpdraftPlus from the WordPress repository. If you are unsure on how to install a plugin please read “How To Install a WordPress Plugin” first.
  • Visit Settings on the left side navigation > Updraft Backups > Settings
  • Select the backups schedule for your files and database. Choose anything but Manual to have your site automatically backup on a schedule. In this example we’ll choose Weekly.
  • Select how many copies you would like to keep on your remote storage. In this example we’ll keep two backups.
  • Select your remote storage option. After you hit save you will be prompted to link the storage website to your website. In this example we’ll choose Dropbox.
  • We typically use the default backup options: Plugins, Themes and Uploads. You should configure this section based on your website. The default backup options should cover your entire site.
  • Check the email option box if you’d like a report sent to you after each backup.
  • Click Save Changes.
  • After saving, click the authorization link in the popup and allow UpdraftPlus access to save on your remote storage.
  • Once connected you’ll be redirected to your website again and the plugin should automatically be backing up your files. If not and you’d like to test click the Current Status tab > Backup Now button to back up your website and test to ensure your files are being stored remotely.

How The Backup Works

From our example settings the plugin will run weekly and save two copies on Dropbox. When two copies are in Dropbox the next backup will remove the older version to make room for the latest backup.

What Should I Do With My Backups?

Nothing. Backups are there to keep you covered in the case of an emergency so keep them safe on your remote storage and only use them if necessary. We’ll write a post on how to restore your site from a backup soon.

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