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What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

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Website hosting is the service that allows you to post a website to the Internet. It is the technology and service needed for others to view your website on their laptops or phones. Managed WordPress Hosting is still website hosting but the technology, service and maintenance is handled by the host. Let’s find out why managed WordPress hosting may be a better fit for your website.


Let’s Discuss Your WordPress Goals

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is website hosting that is optimized for better WordPress performance and security. This hosting can include faster servers, automatic backups and a staging site to test updates before pushing them to your live website.

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What’s great about managed hosting is that you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of your website. WordPress themes and plugins are automatically updated. The WordPress core software is automatically updated. Your site is being proactively protected against malicious hackers and security threats so all you need to focus on is your website and content.

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What’s the Best WordPress Hosting

We are big fans of A2 Hosting out of Michigan. They offer three managed WordPress hosting tiers that allow for one, three or unlimited websites, gigs of storage and probably the best part of their service free SSL security certificate for ever website. For example, if you choose the three or unlimited website package then you’ll get a SSL certificate on every website.

A2 also offers free website staging which is a clone of your website where you can make site updates, switch themes, add plugins and test them before making the change on your live website.

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Managed WordPress FAQs

Managed WordPress hosting is a specialized hosting service designed exclusively for WordPress websites. With this type of hosting, the provider takes care of all the technical aspects involved in running a WordPress site, enabling website owners to concentrate on creating content.

In managed WordPress hosting, the hosting environment is specifically optimized for WordPress. It includes features like automatic WordPress updates, heightened security measures, built-in caching, and dedicated support.

Overall, managed WordPress hosting presents a hassle-free and optimized hosting solution for WordPress websites.

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