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7 Fast & Easy Ways to Improve Your Website

Last updated October 2023

The recipe that turns out perfectly the first time you try it, the jeans that fit perfectly when you first try them on, is there anything better than a quick win? It’s great when hard work pays off, but sometimes it’s nice to have a small effort make a big impact. Here are 7 fast and easy changes to majorly improve your website.

Add a Favicon

Both of these websites offer used cellphones at wholesale prices, but which site would you rather give your credit card information to? One of the easiest ways to inspire consumer confidence in your website is to add a favicon. Favicons, the small images that show up in browser tabs (among other places) are a great way to increase brand awareness and create trust. Adding a favicon to a WordPress website is incredibly easy from the Admin panel and there are many free favicon generators to make creating the perfect favicon a breeze.

Add Metadata for Link Previews

An average of 4.75 billion things are shared daily on Facebook alone. If you want your website content to be among them, it pays to take the time to create attractive link previews. There are a variety of free tools to help create the technical open graph markup needed to show this information without any HTML or coding skills. Adding this information to your website does require some knowledge of how to change the code in the <head> section of your site, but if that is outside of your comfort zone, this can be a great task to outsource with hourly WordPress website development work. 

Add Social Icons

There are a few benefits to adding social media icons to your website. You can grow your social following, have your content shared, and get a nice SEO boost from the associated backlinks. Typically website social media links will either direct a person to “like” or “follow” the business’ social channels or they will allow a user to quickly share the website content (like a video, article, product, or another item) on social media. It is also possible to have two different kinds of social media links on your website but be warned, this can lead to a poor user experience if not clearly communicated. If you do decide to add your social media to your website in order to attract more likes and followers, you’ll want to make sure your social media profiles are set up, optimized, and properly managed.

Update Your Blog

Keeping your blog updated is a great way to show potential customers that you are an active and trustworthy business. Blog writing is also a great way to expand the number of keywords your website will rank for and posting fresh content is a great way to continue to rank well on Google and other search engines. Ideally, you should post at least twice a month and make sure to optimize blogs with proper images and metainformation. Looking for blog ideas? Start with answering common questions or sales objections to easily reach the most relevant audiences.

Keyword Rank Tracking

The only way to improve is to start and while that sounds more like a motivational poster than SEO advice, it applies here as well. The best time to start keyword rank tracking is now. There are a variety of ways to do keyword rank tracking from plugins and Chrome extensions to professional services that do it for you. Even if you have no intention to improve your keyword rank at present, installing a keyword rank tracker now will help you to understand how the search engine view of your website changes over time.

Google Analytics

One of the first things you should do when you set up a new website is to create a Google Analytics account. Google Analytics allows you to understand more about your website visitors including how they got to your website, what kind of device they were on, and so much more. While Google Analytics can seem a bit intimidating at first, there are a variety of plugins that can make the installation as easy as typing in your account identifier and inexpensive Google Analytics guides and courses are widely available.

Add Video

Adding video to your website is a great way to help prospective customers get a lot of information in an easy-to-understand format. Complex products and services can benefit from explainer and spokesperson videos while user-generated video content can be a great way to win trust quickly. When adding a video to your website, it’s a good idea to embed your YouTube videos instead of loading them directly on your site as that can slow down your page load speed.

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