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4 Fitness Website Ideas to Try

Last updated January 2023

Fitness websites are a great way to boost existing business or earn extra income. Whether you’re a personal trainer looking to book new clients, a fitspo influencer with a growing following, or just curious to try out fitness-related e-commerce, these are some of the best fitness website ideas.

Fitness Professional Website

From personal trainers to yoga teachers to CrossFit gyms and aerial arts studios, having a professional-looking fitness website is a necessity for any fitness professional looking to take their business to the next level. Websites not only allow you to communicate with existing clients and be discovered by new ones, they also can serve as your business base of operations. A professional fitness website should have information about the services provided, contact and biographical information about the trainer/teacher, and an easy-to-use way for clients to book their appointments or classes.


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Fitness Influencer Website

If you enjoy fitness and photography, but aren’t really interested in creating, sourcing, or fulfilling your own product orders, having an influencer website is for you! These sites can make their owners money based on an affiliate system. This allows you to connect with companies that will pay you a commission for products sold using a special affiliate tracking URL. You can then share these products on your website in order to generate commission income.  This kind of fitness website works best for those who have medium to large social media followings. Social channels are a great way to be discovered and you can direct visitors directly to your website with your affiliate content as well as winning customers through more traditional methods like improving SEO or buying digital ads.

Fitness eCommerce Website

Operating an e-commerce website can be one of the best ways for a beginner to get into the growing fitness industry. E-commerce fitness websites can be designed to sell products in a category, like keto products, or one single. Products that are growing in popularity are yoga accessories and items with a throwback feel like hula hoops, roller skates, and jump ropes.

Fitness Blogger Website

The internet is a great place to share your story and blogs are one of the best ways to do that. WordPress websites make creating and continuing a fitness website blog a breeze. You can share stories, videos, photos and much more with a WordPress website at a surprisingly low cost which is great for those just dipping their toes into the fitness website space. Once you’ve built up a following of readers, you can also choose to enable paid advertising on your site through programs like Google AdSense. This will allow ads to be displayed to users on your site and pay you for them — even if no one clicks or buys!

Have a fitness website idea you’d like to explore? Check out some of these WordPress fitness website themes to get started on your own or contact us about custom website design services.

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