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Is WordPress Free? How Much Does a Website Actually Cost?

Last updated October 2022 | This post may contain affiliate links

Is WordPress free? The short answer is yes and no. Let’s keep reading to find out how WordPress websites are and are not free

Ways WordPress Is Free

The WordPress software is free. Meaning you are able to download and use the software to create websites.

Some WordPress themes and plugins are free. Visit the WordPress repository to browse through WordPress themes and plugins that are free and vetted by Automattic, the parent company of WordPress.

Ways WordPress Is Not Free

Website hosting. If you want a website online and viewed by all then you’ll need website hosting. The good news is that website hosting is fairly inexpensive. If you’re looking for website hosting we recommend A2 Hosting where plans start around $7.99/month for shared hosting, unlimited storage, email addresses, SSL certificate and great service and support.

So without a coupon code or after your first year of service your annual total is $95.88

Premium WordPress themes. Let’s say you’ve browsed the WordPress repo and didn’t like any of the free themes or need more functionality then a premium theme may give you more options to build your website. Premium WordPress themes typically range between $30 – $80 to purchase the theme files. This is a one time fee that may include a few months of support from the author depending on where you buy your theme.

In our example, let’s say we purchased a premium WordPress theme for $59.

Premium WordPress plugins. Like the premium themes, plugins may be an additional cost. Many plugins have free versions and if you need more functionally from that plugin can be upgraded to the premium version.

If you’re just starting your website you may not need a premium plugin so let’s not include it in our example as this will vary based on what kind of website you’re making.

And if you’re just starting out read our post on the best free WordPress plugins for new websites.

The Totals

So how much does your WordPress website actually cost? Well, if you sign up with A2 Hosting which will allow you to install WordPress easily from your cpanel and you purchase a premium WordPress theme your costs break down like this:

  • Year one (website hosting + premium theme) = $154.88
  • Each year after the first (website hosting) = $95.88

Not too terrible if you’re looking to build your own website.

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