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Sites to Start Selling: Keto Products

Last updated October 2022

Whether it’s part of a New Year’s resolution, summer shape up challenge, or an attempt at making a lifestyle change, everyone knows someone on a diet. Wellness is hot right now and few diets are making headlines and slimming waistlines like the keto diet. In our Side Hustle series, we’re taking a look at how this booming industry offers unparalleled opportunities for the budding e-commerce entrepreneur.

In 2018 the keto products industry was thought to be worth an estimated $9.6 billion and projected to increase to $15.6 billion by 2027. According to Google Trends, as of February 2020, keto had an interest score of more than 60 in nearly every area of the country.

Whether you’re looking for a solid side hustle or just want to make a little extra cash, creating an e-comm site is a great way to cash in on the popularity of keto.

Creating a Keto Products Website

Creating an online store to sell keto products is easier than you think. Before choosing a product, check out the search volume on Google Trends. This index of Google searches will show you how popular a particular Google searches are and can set your site up for success.

When choosing a product for your store, look for a keto product that has a high search volume and interest score. Selecting a specific product like MCT Oil or collagen will allow your site to reach shoppers who are past the general fact finding stage and are specifically searching for keto products as well as benefit from general keywords like “keto” and “ketosis”.

The popularity of keto has been fueled by dramatic before and after photos splashed across social media, but a successful e-commerce website can be achieved without these. Keto products like MCT oil and collagen are popular across ages, genders, and countries (although especially popular in the US, Canada, and Mexico), which allows for a unique website branding opportunities.


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Keto Web Design Tips

Choose a website design that fits well with the design and vibe of the product being sold. For example, a site selling something like “Muscle Man’s MCT” should have a brighter and bolder look than a site selling“Mystical Moon MCT”.

A good keto products website will be design with two goals in mind: to sell the product and capture emails. To sell products, a site needs a well designed and mobile-friendly shopping system. The secondary goal, collecting emails, will allow you to reach out to those who may not have purchased right away.

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