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WordPress Plugin Recommendation: Replacing Media Files

Last updated October 2022

If you are using a media uploaded image in more than one spot on your website then updating it could be a hassle. First, you would need to upload a new file then search each page looking for the old image then replace it with the new. If your site has a lot of pages this can be very time consuming.

If you’re looking for an easier way to update media uploads then Enable Media Replace is the plugin you’ll want to install next. We’ve been using the Enable Media Replace plugin for a while and are really impressed at how well it works and how simple it is to use.

Install & Start Using

  1. Install and activate the WordPress plugin. If you’re unsure of how to do that please view our video tutorial here.
  2. Find the old image you would like to replace in the Media library.
  3. Click on the image to launch the attachment details popup.
  4. In the lower right corner of the details popup, under Replace media click the Upload a new file button.
  5. Choose the new, updated file and select the replacement type.
      • Just replace will only replace the image. You are required to upload the same file type (jpg, gif, png, etc) and the file name will stay as it currently is.

        Your old logo is logo.jpg. You need to replace it with another .jpg such as new-logo.jpg. After upload the file will still be called logo.jpg

      • Replace and update will update the file to whatever file type the new image is and replace all links pointing to the old image.

        Your old logo is logo.jpg. You replace this file with new-logo.png. The image URL is new-logo.png and everything linking to logo.jpg has now been updated to link to new-logo.png

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