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Last updated December 2022

WordPress is a great tool for beginners and professionals alike. Beginners can create stunning websites with ease thanks to a large selection of templates, while professional web designers enjoy the flexibility and options to customize WordPress sites. Regardless of your current skill level, there are a ton of great resources online to learn more about WordPress.

WordPress powers many of the websites you visit everyday. It’s a content management system meaning that it takes the photos, text and other content that you add to a page on your computer and does all the heavy lifting to make that page viewable as a website on the internet. WordPress makes this process so simple anyone can make a website without learning HTML or other types of code.

WordPress Novice

If you’re just starting out in the web design world, it’s a good idea to start with a review of common WordPress terms. You don’t need to know any programming language to use WordPress, but having a basic understanding of WordPress terms like “Child Theme” or “Widget” will help as you begin.

Online classes are a great way to ease into learning about WordPress at your own pace. Courses like the WordPress admin dashboard guide are a great way to learn the basics of WordPress with lessons on adding and deleting pages, options for content formatting, and much more. These courses are ideal for people interested in learning how to manage or make occasional changes on a WordPress website created by someone else. It’s also a great way to become familiar with the program before diving into more complex work like creating a site from scratch.

WordPress Intermediate User

Once you’ve gained basic familiarity with WordPress, it’s time to further your knowledge. Improving the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website is key. SEO encompasses a variety of best practices that help your site show up higher in the search results of websites like Google or Bing. There are a variety of ways this result can be achieved, but if you’re looking to self-teach, checking out an online course like the WordPress Yoast SEO Guide is a great place to start.

WordPress Master

Even if you’ve already got a good handle on working within the WordPress admin panel, there’s still much more to learn! If you’ve used WordPress extensively, but have never managed or created a site from scratch, learning more about the WordPress file and directory structure is a great next step. This structure is the backbone of WordPress sites and serves an essential role. If you think of each page on your website as a book with pictures and text, then the directory serves as the library. While WordPress looks drag-and-drop simple from the Admin Panel, there’s a lot of coding going on behind the scenes and this code all lives in the directory. Understanding this file and directory structure can help you to repair your site in the event of a hack or other malfunction, but be aware that any errors, deletions, or other accidents may result in the loss or disruption of your site.

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