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How to Change Copyright Date in WordPress

Last updated April 2023

Does your WordPress website date itself? Your website may be visually appealing and responsive but there may be one thing holding it back. Learn how to change copyright date in WordPress and keep your website up-to-date year after year.

So What’s The Issue?

The copyright year. More often than not we come across beautifully designed websites that have an outdated year as the copyright. If the year is hardcoded in your theme and it’s January this would be acceptable but should be addressed. If it’s the end of August — which it is and is what inspired this post — that’s unacceptable.

How To Change Copyright Date in WordPress

Echo the PHP date function. This function will return a formatted string based the characters provided. For example, use the following PHP code to display the current four digit year:

  • Open the footer.php file
  • Add the following in a PHP code where the outdate year is:
    <?php echo date(‘Y’); ?>

This will allow you to forget about the copyright date as it will update with each new year. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see how this code will look on the front end of your website.


In conclusion, updating the copyright date on your WordPress website is a simple yet essential task that helps keep your site up-to-date and professional-looking. Remember, keeping your website copyright up-to-date may not only ensures compliance with legal requirements, but it also helps to convey to your audience that you are a professional and reliable website owner. So, take a few moments to check and update your copyright date today.

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