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Now is the Time to Update Your Website

Last updated December 2022

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has shaken up life for everyone. While this disruption is difficult to say the least, it can also offer a great opportunity. Many business owners are needing to reconsider their business models and one of the best places to start is by looking at the company website. From sites that need to inform clients of changes in operation to optimizing sites for e-commerce, now is the perfect time to update or improve your website.

If you haven’t touched your site in ages…

Now is the perfect time to put some energy into refreshing your website. First, make sure all the basic information like location, contact info, and hours are correct. This information can be split into multiple locations, so make sure to do a thorough review of your entire website. If you’re a more advanced website owner, you may want to change the theme of your WordPress site to help it look new. Beginners can find similar, albeit less dramatic, results from simply changing up the images on key pages.

If you’ve recently updated, but not that recently…

Good job on keeping your content fresh! Just make sure the information on your site is current and accurate now and you should be good to go. Be sure to check at the hours of operation in all locations on your site like the contact page and site footer. If you have social media or Google My Business pages, those should be updated too.

If you’re already pretty digital…

Even if you’ve got a fully developed website with a solid e-commerce strategy, now may be a good time to check out optimizations available to you. With people around the world spending a record amount of time online, search engine optimization is a good place to start. Online courses are a great way to brush up on or learn new SEO skills. It’s also a good idea to consider WordPress website speed optimization.  As customers expect sites to load faster and faster, a fast loading site can help to convert more customers.

If you’ve got nothing but time…

Some businesses are less affected by the unprecedented circumstances caused by COVID-19. Seasonal businesses that are usually quiet at this time of the year can use this time to work on improving their websites. This slow season offers the chance for business owners to consider full website overhauls or new functionality like online booking or an e-commerce sales platform.

If you need to move your business online…quickly!…

Business owners are getting creative in the wake of social distancing. From contactless deliveries to make-your-own kits with their products, their innovation is often assisted by e-commerce websites. Businesses that haven’t had a website (or had just a minimal website) may find it helpful to contact an afordable WordPress web developer to help get their websites up and sales ready quickly.

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