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Why You Should Use WordPress for Small Business Websites

Last updated July 2023

WordPress powers 35% of the website across the web and for good reason. WordPress is an inexpensive, secure, and innovative platform that allows small businesses to start quickly and scale easily. Here’s why you should use WordPress for small business websites. 


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It’s Fast to Start

When you’ve got a great idea for a website, you don’t want to wait. Whether you’ve been dreaming about starting a business or want to take your real-world business online, WordPress allows users to create a customizable website built with powerful features for growth and success without the use of code. It’s much faster than traditional web development and has an intuitive and simple design that makes it great for beginners or advanced users.

It Has the Power of Plugins

Plugins are what really put WordPress above the other easy build website platforms like Wix or Squarespace.  WordPress is an open source platform meaning that anyone can make and share plugins to be used by others. There are approximately 50,000 plugins available on WordPress. While many have paid upgrades, many plugins are completely free to use. Plugins can have a variety of functions ranging from site optimizations to quiz making tools and easy-to-use contact forms.

It’s Easy to Use

Themes make it easy for WordPress users to create beautiful websites for their businesses quickly. Themes are pre-designed web pages that act like templates across a website. This ensures a consistent look and feel across all pages and helps to create brand familiarity. Most business websites change their theme every so often to keep the site feeling fresh and current, but it’s important to also update themes regularly to ensure security is updated.

It’s Universal

Choosing to have a custom coded business website can run some risks. If you’re not able to read or write the language, you may need to pay someone each time you want even a small change made. Making it more difficult, not all web design languages are written the same so you’d have to make sure to find someone who can work in the correct language. With WordPress, there are no programming languages to learn. Basic users will have all the tools they need right in the platform, but advanced users have the ability to alter the HTML of pages or add CSS language for design customizations.

It’s Optimized for Search Engines

Google, Bing, and other search engines actively scan websites to help them find the best content to serve to searchers. WordPress websites are written, or marked up, in a way that is easily read by search engines. Using WordPress for your small business website paired with SEO management services helps get your site to the top of the search results when customers are looking for your products or services.

It’s Got Great Support

Another benefit of an open source platform like WordPress is the community that powers it. There are plenty of help articles and forums to get more information on how to design, develop, or troubleshoot issues. Professional WordPress services are an affordable way to design, maintain, and grow your business website.

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