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Common Web Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Last updated October 2022

Good web design can boost traffic to your site significantly. 

Grabbing people’s attention is one part of the job. Keeping it is another altogether. Combining aesthetic and functionality is not quite as easy as it sounds – that’s why so many people fall foul of web design mistakes.

There’s no need to worry. The tips in this article will help you to make your website stand out from competitors, and exactly what you need to avoid. Whether you’re after top-tier content or Chicago web design help, read on to find out more.

General Web Design Mistakes

With plenty of experience designing business websites, we are aware that there are some areas of web design that catch a lot of companies out. These are:

  • Navigation
  • Overcrowding
  • Blank Pages

When it comes to getting around your website, it needs to be easy for visitors. Whilst an invisible menu might make your homepage look clean and swish, if people can’t see how to get around your site they will leave as quickly as they came. Always check to make sure everything is clear from a customer’s point of view.

Overcrowding your pages can distract visitors from what you’re offering.

If your web pages are busy and have no negative space, readers won’t be able to tell what they’re meant to look at. It can be overwhelming, and it is one of the major mistakes in designing web pages. Make sure your web design ideas are centered around audience comfort.

Emptiness is as unappealing as overcrowding, and overuse of white space on your site will turn people away. Visitors are looking for information, so make sure you’re providing it in the form of text, pictures, and other features.

Content Related Mistakes

Your content should be planned out to maximize the benefit it offers your audience. Redundant pages and irrelevant information should be cut to make it easier for readers to navigate your site.

If you’re stuck as to what the most important pages are, here are some suggestions:

  • Home
  • About
  • Services/Products
  • Contact
  • Blog/News Feed

These are the building blocks used by every web design service and can provide visitors with all the key information they need.

Sometimes, it is the relevance of the content itself that lets a site down. If your copy isn’t shaped around your target audience, it will fail to engage them. Always apply market research to your content: by addressing your audiences’ needs and worries, you will boost your credibility and your site traffic.

Errors With Usability

Sometimes, it is a simple lack of usability that lets a website down. There are ways to fix these issues.

If you get regular reports that your site is not responsive, it’s time to sort out the problem. Though it’s tempting to think that one or two dropped customers isn’t too much of an issue, you will be missing out on far more traffic than you think.

The same applies to extensive loading times. 

Internet users have little patience for sites that won’t load. For your clicks to convert, you need to make sure your website works.

Sort Your Site Out Today!

Now that you’re aware of the most common web design mistakes, nothing is stopping you from tidying up your site. Soon, your traffic will be at an all-time high!

If you’re still looking for some help with sorting out your online presence, Chicago web design company Neur can help. Make sure you get in touch to upgrade your site!

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