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4 E-commerce Businesses to Start from Home

Last updated October 2022

Online-based businesses appeal to people for a variety of reasons. They’re quick and fairly easy to start and the low overhead of an online-only business makes them fairly low risk endeavors for the novice entrepreneur. If you’re looking to make a career change or just a little side hustle money, now could be the perfect time to start an e-commerce business from home.

If you’re just starting off in online selling, it’s a good idea to choose a product that is non-perishable, easy to store (unless shipping direct from the manufacturer), and isn’t strictly regulated. This will allow you to learn to manage your inventory without risking spoilage and avoid costly and time-consuming licensing and compliance paperwork.

Finding the right product or niche can be difficult and you’ll find success comes much faster if you choose a product that is in demand. Searching Google Trends to find up-and-coming products and ideas can help to make sure you’re choosing something that people are actively searching for. Here are some great categories to get started with:

Wellness Products

Wellness is everywhere these days and there are a variety of products that can help people live happier and healthier lives. You can choose just one product like jade face rollers or branch into many by choosing a more general theme for your store like keto products.

Beauty and Grooming Products

Along with wellness, beauty products offer a wide variety of potential products in a growing industry. Beauty products have traditionally been sold almost exclusively to women, but men are increasingly purchasing self care and grooming items. Good items to start selling are beard oil, sheet masks, or cuticle serum.

Holiday Items

Selling holiday-themed items is a great way to have a computer based business that works well with other job or personal commitments. You can have a fairly predictable busy season and can easily branch to other products once you launch your website. From Valentine or Halloween tchotchkes to religious holiday decor, the possibilities for selling holiday items is limitless. Since you’re already narrowing your potential customers by having a very specific niche, try to choose a product that has mass general appeal like smartphone accessories

CBD Products

CBD products have seen an astounding growth in popularity over the past year. CBD is purported to have a vast range of uses and benefits and fits in well as a cornerstone of your computer-based business or as a complement to other natural or wellness products. CBD also has a growing interest around the world, so while it may seem that there’s a CBD shop on every corner, there is still opportunity and room to grow in this industry.

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