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How To Install WordPress on MAMP

MAMP is a free local website hosting solution that allows you to create websites on your Mac or Windows computer. It gives you the freedom to build, edit, test and potentially break your website without having your visitors notice. Let’s learn how to install MAMP and WordPress in just a few clicks.

What Is MAMP?

MAMP (Macintosh, Apache, MySQL PHP) is local software that mirrors an online website hosting environment like A2 Hosting or GoDaddy. It was originally built for Macintosh computer but has gained so much popularity for its ease of use that they developers created a Windows version as well.

How Do I Install MAMP on my Computer?

  • Visit the MAMP website and download either MAMP or MAMP PRO for the operating system you have
  • Once the software is download run the file and the guided tour will  lead you through completing the installation
  • Launch MAMP

What’s the Difference between MAMP and MAMP Pro?

The main difference between the two MAMP versions is that MAMP will allow you to set up one website and with MAMP PRO you can set up as many websites as you need.

Create Your Website in MAMP

  • MAMP should start Apahce and MySQL, if not turn those services on
  • Click the plus button and rename the host name to your website. Note: do not use a domain name in existence like .com or .net as your browser will try to find these websites online. Instead use something like .local or .build when developing locally. 
  • Select the folder your website documents will live. Example C:\MAMP\htdocs\localhost
  • Click create a database named and name it something like dev_site_db (db stands for database) 
  • Click Ok, Save and Restart MAMP

Download & Install WordPress

  • Download WordPress
  • Unzip the file and double click into the wordpress folder. You should see wp-includes, wp-content, wp-admin and about 16 related WordPress files.
  • Delete any files already in your website folder
  • Move all of these folders and files into your htdocs folder in MAMP. If you’re following our setup it should be located in C:\MAMP\htdocs\localhost

Run and View Your Local WordPress Website

  • View your local website by clicking open by the host name and you should see the WordPress installation screen
  • Follow the guided tour to complete setup and once completed you’ll be able to log into your local WordPress website

Now you’re able to test different themes, try new plugins or even develop a completely new website before publishing it on the internet.

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