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Why Now is the Time to Start a Smartphone Accessories Website

Last updated October 2022 | This post may contain affiliate links

Technology continues to make our lives easier. You use your smartphone to get directions, shop, be social with your friends and to make the occasional phone call so starting a website dedicated to smartphone accessories sounds like a great idea. You can create one website that sells car phone holders, phone lenses phone cases and wireless phone chargers — just to name a few. Keep reading and let’s find out why now is a great time to start a smartphone accessories eCommerce website.

As of June 2019 about 81% of Americans own a smartphone, up 35% from 2011.*

Let’s look at the numbers on smartphone ownership in the US.

  • 84% of men and 79% of women own a smartphone
  • 96% of Americans between 18 – 29 have a smartphone
  • 92% of Americans between 30 – 49 have a smartphone
  • 91% of college graduates have a smartphone
  • 95% of Americans with smartphones make an annual salary of over $75k

This data looks promising for our smartphone accessories website. Now for some products.

Car Phone Holder

Car phone holders are an important accessory especially if you live in a state with strict driving laws. Here in Illinois, drivers caught using — or even holding — an electronic device behind the wheel are issued moving violation tickets. Rack up three offenses in one year and they suspend your license. Talk about a great scare tactic for your website marketing.

Car phone holder searches have been on the rise over the past five years and do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Smartphone Cases

Smartphone cases have had a steady trend over the past five years with a bit of an upswing over the past 12 months. To separate yourself from the crowd you can design custom smartphone cases by using Printful. You would create your phone design, save the mockup, add the product to your website and Printful will print and ship the case to your customer for you.

Smartphone Accessories Website Designs

Now that you’ve seen the important data all you need is a smartphone website design. Listed below are a few designs we think would be great for a phone accessories website.

Tech Shop WooCommerce Theme

View the Tech Shop Theme →

Multi-purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

View the Multi-purpose Theme →

Modern and fast loading WooCommerce Theme

View the Modern Theme →

And just a few more WordPress themes:

* Source:

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