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What is a WordPress User Role?

A WordPress role defines permissions for users to perform certain tasks or to access certain areas in your website’s admin section. The roles range from having absolute website power to only being able to update your profile. Specific roles should be given for every user as you wouldn’t want one of your customers to have access to your site’s content. WordPress offers six predefined roles that come standard with your installation. Let’s find out what each WordPress user role is for—starting with the role that has the most control.

Super admin

The super admin role has complete administration access to all the websites that are part of a multi-site network. If you are not running a multi-site network then the next user role will be the highest role on your site.


The admin user role has access to all administration options, features, plugins and themes.


The editor role has the ability to manage, publish, review content and schedule posts.


The author user role has the ability to publish and edit their own posts.


The contributor role has the ability to write posts and send for an author or editor review. Contributors cannot schedule or post to the website.


The subscriber user role has basic functionality such as updating their profile or leaving a comment. If you are running a store a subscriber will have the ability to update the shop specific details like billing address, credit card information and phone number.

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