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Website Ideas to Start for Kids

Last updated October 2022

It’s no secret that kids spend a lot of time online. According to the CDC, kids aged 8 to 12 spend an average of 6 hours in front of a screen each day. With the increasing number of schools looking at online education options and parents looking for new ways to entertain and educate their children, now is a great time to start a website for kids.

If you have a certain passion or skill, like a love of dinosaurs or juggling, that can make for an easy website topic. If the goal of your website is to attract a lot of visitors, it can be useful to use Google Trends to see what people are looking for. Interest in children’s topics overall has surged in 2020 with people spending more time at home with their kids. This increased interest makes this a great time to start a website for kids. These are good websites to start for kids in 2020.

Cooking Websites for Kids

If you’ve got a passion for cooking, this can be a great topic for your website. From sharing great ideas of kid-friendly lunches to posting recipes kids can make for themselves, cooking for kids is a highly searched topic.

Kids Cooking Website Starting Tip

There are a lot of cooking websites out there, so while many people are looking for this content, there is also a lot of content to be found. To have a successful website, you need to show up in Google and other search engine results. In addition to things like having a fast-loading website and being optimized for mobile, you can improve search engine ranking by picking a narrow focus.Ranking well for something like “kids recipes” is very hard, but it’s much easier to rank for something like “plant based recipes for kids”.

Kids Activities Websites

Shake out readers out of the stay-at-home routine with a scavenger hunt or create a how-to guide for all things slime, websites featuring activities for kids are more popular than ever. For even better results in 2020, choose activities that can be done alone or with only a few friends or family members and don’t be afraid to include some new tech-assisted ideas including things like Zoom or geocaching. 


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Kids Activities Website Starting Tips

There are a lot of different ways to frame a children’s activity website for the best keyword potential. One way is to get specific on a theme, things like cats, outer space, or sports. The other way to rank well is to take a local SEO approach. In this case, your site could focus on things like the best parks in your city for kids or best restaurants in your city for kids. You can often get your website to rank well by taking a popular topic and localizing it.

Educational Website for Kids

We’re living in strange and uncertain times. In many areas across the country school districts are starting the 2020-2021 school either partially or totally online. This has created an immense demand for educational content for kids of all ages.

Kids Educational Website Starting Tips

This is another site that it really pays to get specific with. For example, a site about geography has a high search volume for older kids (especially those looking for Advanced Placement test study materials), but it’s much lower for younger children. Choose a specific educational topic and the age group you’d like to help for the best opportunity for success.

When creating a website for kids it’s important to use illustrative images and age-appropriate language. The site should have clear navigation and an easy-to-follow flow. When it comes to content, it’s important to consider your audience and it’s often a good idea to use a variety of content, like embedding your YouTube videos into your WordPress website.

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