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What is an Evergreen Website and Why You Might Need One

Last updated October 2022

Many sites look different day to day. For some websites, like news stations, this is necessary to keep up with the volume of new information. E-commerce sites hope to tempt you with just the right thing, so they often switch up their homepage to attract new customers. Other sites,  like Google, do it just for fun. Having new content is a great way to improve your website’s search engine ranking and get more users on your site, but it can be a lot of work. Instead, WordPress web developers can help site owners to create evergreen websites which look and feel fresh even if they aren’t updated often.

Evergreen websites have content that feels fresh no matter when the reader first finds it. They don’t use images and text that reference a specific time of year, event, or date. Promotions, sales, or upcoming events are not mentioned on evergreen websites unless it is an ongoing or serial event – like Taco Tuesday or Senior Saturday.

Site owners benefit from having evergreen website content because these sites require only minimal maintenance for months or even years. Websites should undergo regular maintenance to ensure security and performance, but evergreen sites allow site owners to take a much more laid-back approach.

In addition to having evergreen content on the main pages of a website, it’s also a good idea to have evergreen blog content. Blogs are a great way to share seasonal and short-term information as they’re simple to create and edit, but evergreen blogs can be repurposed for additional uses throughout the year.

This evergreen blog content will help to improve the search engine rankings for a website and can also be published on social media or used in email campaigns. Ideal evergreen content will depend on what type of website you have and you can experiment with different types of posts from text-only to photo galleries and more.

Ideas for Evergreen Website Content for WordPress Websites

Answer a Frequently Asked Question

Services, products, and personal blogs all have frequently asked questions. While it’s a good idea to have a general FAQ page on your site, this is a good opportunity to go into detail or touch on some less often, but still helpful questions.

Share a Customer Success

People want to hear about how your business/product/service has worked for others. Quotes, testimonials, case studies, or portfolios are all great ideas to share.

Go Behind-the-Scenes of your Product or Company

In recent years, consumers have wanted to know more about the companies that they work with or buy from. From sharing a tour of your office or factory to introducing your office dog, these sneak peeks can help to build trust and familiarity with your website visitors.

Release a How-To or Instructional White Paper

Connect with new potential clients or customers by offering information that solves a specific problem quickly. You’ll establish authority and build trust with your users right off the bat.

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