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How To Check Your Website for Google’s Mobile First Indexing

It’s official. Google announced that they have started the mobile first indexing initiative. This means that your website needs to be fast-loading and mobile-friendly otherwise your SEO rankings could start to drop.

Google drives 96% of mobile search traffic, followed by Yahoo at 2% and Bing at 1%.


The switch will not have an affect on rankings just yet but that does not mean you should wait. Continue reading to learn how to run tests on your website to check mobile-friendless and page speed.

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

The first test to run checks how well your site is developed for mobile devices. The results include a screenshot of how the page looks to Google on a mobile device and a list of any mobile usability issues that it finds such as small font sizes, touch elements too close to each other and the use of Flash which is not supported by most mobile devices. The mobile-friendly test will give you an idea of how easily a visitor can use your page on a mobile device.

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Does Your Website Load Quickly?

The next test to run checks how quickly your site loads on mobile and desktop devices. The results for this test include page speed scores — out of 100 or a letter grade — and optimization that is working and that can be improved on such as image compression, file minification, and a list of files above the fold that block content. All three of these sites are similar and we recommend running all three to compare but if you want to only run one we suggest running Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

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