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Editing WordPress Websites Without Knowing HTML

We are seeing a lot of requests come in where business owners want to redesign their website to be able to add content and images without knowing HTML or coding languages. This is a great request and an easy one to incorporate into new WordPress websites built by Neur. Part of redesigning a website is not only to make it more visually appealing and to adapt to all devices but it’s also to make it easier for you or your staff to use on a daily basis. Listed below are just a few ways we organize the WordPress admin to allow for accessible and effortless content editing and uploading tasks.

Changing Text Color

We’re currently working on a tourism website where we’ve added text above the hero background image. In the design mockup the background image and black text worked well together but during development we realized that some darker pictures would clash with the dark text. So we developed a way to change the font color to white with a click of a checkbox.

Editing Websites Without Knowing HTML - Changing Text Color

From the screen shot above any user can add the hero text, adjust the background image position and change the hero text to white, if they check the checkbox. If the box is left unchecked the text will remain black.

Neur Dashboard

We try to think globally with our websites — meaning if something appears all over your website, like your address or social media links, then we make one area to update those items. That makes it easier for you to update your content and reduces the potential for errors or missed items.

Pictured below is a screen shot of our typical Neur Dashboard.

Editing Websites Without Knowing HTML - Neur Dashboard

From our dashboard you can add or update your location(s), social media accounts, newsletter signup content, default fallback images and more. Each section is clearly marked and correlates to the section on the website and requires no knowledge of HTML.

In this example, if we needed to link our Facebook page on our site we would copy and paste our Facebook link in the Facebook input section and hit save. On the front end there is an IF statement saying if the Facebook link is there then show the Facebook icon and add the link.

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