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5 SEO Trends That Will Dominate in 2022

Last updated November 2022

The global SEO industry was worth over $35 billion in 2020, and it’s expected to keep growing, and exponentially so. Some expect the field to reach more than twice its current value by 2025. However, just because things are doing well doesn’t mean they can’t be better.

Company owners are always looking for the next innovation that will shape the industry. The business will continue to grow and expand and new trends will emerge. People are already tracking potential trends for 2022.

What are these SEO trends, though, and how can they help those in the SEO industry? We’ll talk about that in this article.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has fascinated people for decades, and the more we learn to do with it, the more various industries adopt and adapt it. Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short, is just one of these industries.

SEO companies rely on artificial intelligence to analyze popular trends in web searches. What topics are people looking into, and is there any aspect of that topic that existing resources haven’t thoroughly covered yet?

It also interacts with the search engine to cause newer articles to rank higher, provided they are in line with the search.

This is where Google comes in. By far the most popular search engine on the web, Google is also unique in that it uses an AI known as RankBrain. RankBrain uses math and language to teach itself about the search inquiries it receives and, based on that knowledge, learns how to better respond to the search.


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The result of voice search technology is that search engines are beginning to function somewhat differently. Before the days of voice search, we often looked things up based on keywords, and the algorithm would search for results containing those keywords.

Voice has shifted typical search results towards asking questions, so it responds by looking for those questions and their answers in the results. This means that the SEO industry will likely shift towards longer keywords that ask or answer common questions.

Given that voice searches are often performed by busy people looking for nearby resources, SEO will become more specialized to favor results focused on local businesses

3. Video SEO

Videos can improve a site significantly. Video has also been incorporated into SEO marketing. 

Video SEO is useful because it allows us to learn information by seeing working diagrams and explanations, which is great for information that is, by nature, more visual.

Video SEO does require a bit of extra work, because videos need to be indexed before a search engine Indexing means categorizing videos by relevant information such as title, date posted, and subject.

The SEO business will keep growing for the foreseeable future. It’s also likely to change in response to various digital trends. We’ve discussed some of those SEO trends in this article, but there’s always more to learn about SEO and the digital world as a whole.

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