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3 Step Guide to Creating a Business Website

Last updated June 2023

Whether you’ve just started a new business or are finally bringing your business to the digital world, creating a website for your business can be an exciting, yet overwhelming process. At Neur, we’ve been helping business owners across the Chicago metro area and beyond to create and maintain WordPress websites for years. Here’s the quick and easy guide to creating a a business website.


Let’s Discuss Your Website Goals

Step 1: Purchase a Domain

One of the most important parts of your website is its domain name. A domain name, also known as a URL, sets the stage for the rest of your website. It’s important to pick something that fits well with your business name or industry, and if possible, it should end in a “.com” extension.

Domains are able to be used with any website or hosting provider and can be transferred fairly easily so it’s a good idea to snag one or more domains that are related to your brand as soon as possible. 

Step 2: Consider Your Needs

Not all websites are created equally. Some businesses can fit everything they need into a one-page website design, however, most businesses choose to have a traditional website with multiple pages. This not only allows for more functionality and information to be shared, but it also actually helps your website SEO because the quantity of information is one of the key Google ranking factors. 

Another need to consider is what your goal for your website is. If you’re looking to make sales, sell products, or book appointments, you’re going to need a more robust platform like WordPress that is capable of these functions.

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is to invest in creating a website on a platform like Wix or Squarespace only to find out that their beautiful website is essentially useless to their business.

Step 3: Find a Partner

One of the biggest and best decisions you can make for your website project is to find the right partner. If you’re using a basic platform like Wix, you may be able to set up your entire website yourself using available templates, but if you’re looking for the full functionality offered by WordPress, consider a Chicago-based WordPress developer. 

A good web developer should be able to show you examples of their previous work and help you determine the best method for creating the website you need. While it can be tempting to base your decision on price alone, keep in mind that if your website is not built correctly from the start, you could face nothing but problems in the future. It’s a good idea to find someone who has a history of quality work, a style you like, and strong communication skills to avoid any unnecessary stress or hassle during your project.

Creating a Business Website in Chicago

Neur has been building and maintaining WordPress websites for businesses and organizations across Chicago and beyond.

From athletics associations to industrial manufacturers, we have the skills and experience you need to create a flawless WordPress website that helps you attract and convert new customers.

Check out our portfolio or check out our WordPress web design and development services then contact us for a custom quote on your next project.

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