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10 SEO Tips and Tricks for Beginners That Actually Work

Last updated April 2024

Got your website ready for launch? Are you confident that you have the right content and an amazing set of services or products?

That’s great, but you’ll still need effective SEO strategies to make sure people can even find you on the Internet. 

Don’t panic if you’re not an SEO expert. We’ve got a list right here of crucial SEO tips and tricks to help get you started:

1. Speed Up Your Site

One of the most important SEO tips and tricks that people often forget about is to keep your site fast. While page speed might not initially sound like it has anything to do with SEO, it all boils back down to two things: user experience (UX) and site authority.

A faster site boosts your site authority because people won’t hesitate to keep coming back or linking others to your content. Keep in mind that Google’s bots also take UX into consideration and a faster site is an indication of this. After all, you’ll be able to keep your bounce rate low.

2. Yes, Mobile Matters

Along with a faster site, you should also plan your SEO strategy around mobile users. With the millions of people using smartphones today, even Google recognizes the importance to cater to their online experience. This is why the search engine released its mobile-first index.

Make sure your site utilizes responsive design. Always check how it looks on a tiny phone screen as well as a traditional desktop.

3. Prioritize UX

Let’s go back to the importance of the user experience. One crucial element you need to boost your SEO efforts is to enhance site navigation.

For one thing, it shouldn’t take visitors more than three clicks to get to any page on your site. It shouldn’t take them an eternity to locate your Contact page or your homepage. Navigation can make or break the experience, and people might check out if they can’t find what they need quickly.

Plan your pages and menus. Take advantage of the best WordPress tools to simplify and optimize your UX.

4. Write for People, Not Bots

One common mistake is to write content solely to please Google’s crawlers and other search engine bots. Don’t make this mistake! 

At the end of the day, your page ranking depends on the user experience.

Did they find what they needed? Was the content informative, entertaining, or useful? Did the visitors complain or leave due to page speed or a confusing layout?

This also applies to the content. You can have the right keywords and the right links in there, but if the content doesn’t sound like you wrote it for people to read and enjoy, you’ll lose consumers. You’ll lose leads before you ever hit your stride.

5. Aim for Rich Snippets

Some people refer to rich snippets as “Position Zero” because they appear on the SERP page, right above the organic results list. If someone typed a question and your snippet appeared in that little box, there’s a higher chance you will click on it.

However, this only works if your content remains relevant to their queries and if you can fit just enough information to convince them to investigate further. 

6. Keep Track of Important Metrics

One of the most crucial SEO tips for beginners is to get familiar with Google Analytics and other tools that can measure important metrics. Study your demographics, what time they check out your content, which type of content they engage with the most and their activities on your site. 

You should consult with an SEO agency to determine which metrics matter more for your type of business. This can help fine-tune the content you make to grab the attention of your potential audience. Remember: make content and revolve your SEO strategy around people, not bots, and knowing the numbers can make this job easier.

7. Don’t Ignore Influencers

Speaking of people, you shouldn’t ignore influencers. They are authorities on a particular niche for a reason, and they do have millions of followers. All it takes is one shared post and a backlink from them to get their followers to check out your site. 

That’s a home-run for several reasons:

Search engine crawlers will identify the backlink as a solid source since it’s from an authoritative person. You’ll get thousands of visits, which can look good on your pages, as long as the content you promoted keeps their attention and generates leads. There’s a chance these people will share your content even further, creating a chain reaction.

Additionally, using an email finder extension can help you connect directly with influencers, making it easier to establish meaningful relationships and collaborate on future projects.

8. Spy on Competitors

Take advantage of tools like SpyFu to peek at your competitors. Check which keywords they rank high on and what kind of content they prioritize. If they find success with these tactics, you need to consider whether you’ll follow suit or go down a different path.

9. Clear CTA’s 

Your call-to-action is crucial to your SEO efforts. Not only does it remind visitors to engage with your content, but it also helps with link building

Make sure your CTA’s remain consistent and clear. Don’t get vague with your instructions or requests. If you want people to subscribe to a newsletter or email list, make it clear and then inform them why these actions benefit them.

10. Alert for Algorithm Updates

Last, but certainly not least, is to always stay on top of algorithm updates. Google could release one out of the blue, and the changes could alter how agencies handle SEO forever. Some updates, like the Google Panda update and the mobile-first update, completely altered how businesses approached their SEO plans.

Try Out These SEO Tips and Tricks Today!

Don’t fret if you’re not an SEO expert. These SEO tips and tricks will help keep you on the right track. From focusing on the right metrics to writing for people, not bots, you’ll soon be able to formulate an SEO strategy that works for you.

Of course, you shouldn’t DIY it all the way through. It’s always better to call on professionals to help you out and achieve guaranteed success.

That’s why we’re here! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now and let us help you formulate an effective SEO plan!

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