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Moving a WordPress website to a new website host can be stressful. Thoughts of website downtime, data loss and customer frustration can keep you up at night or worse make you stay on an inferior server. Migrating a website to a new host has its advantages like newer software and better optimized servers—both of which can help the performance of your website.

Luckily, we have migrated many WordPress websites and offer WordPress migration services that ensures your website experiences minimum downtime.

WordPress Migration Services Include:

  • Moving one website to a new hosting environment
  • Backup of your current Theme
  • Backup of your current Media Library
  • Backup of your current Database
  • Backup of your current Plugins
  • Transfer all the backups to your new website host
  • Change the DNS to point to your new website host

Questions about WordPress Migration Services?

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WordPress Migration Services FAQs

What We Need

We need administrator access to both website hosting service (ie, GoDaddy, A2 Hosting, Network Solutions, etc). Admin access is required so we can export all of your current content.

Will there be downtime?

Our goal is to keep downtime to a minimum. Simply migrating websites to another host should experience very little downtime. We suggest transferring websites during off hours. Please note, changes to DNS typically take between 24 – 72 hours to fully propagate throughout the internet.

What about emails?

If you have emails created through your current cPanel we can migrate up to 5 emails accounts under this package. If you are using a service like G Suite your emails can remain as is.

Can you transfer to any hosting provider?

Yes, as long as the new host support WordPress in their Shared Hosting package or you select WordPress hosting. If you are unsure who to choose we recommend A2 Hosting.

What happens after the DNS change?

Once we've migrated the website to the new host we'll coordinate a time to make the DNS change. Once that change occurs we monitor the website and make any necessary changes if needed.

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