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Why You Need to Register Your Brand on Social Media

It wasn’t too long ago that your website was the beginning and end of your business’s web presence. Today, it’s important for your business to also claim a strong presence on social media. From Facebook to TikTok, LinkedIn to Pinterest here’s why you need to register your business across social media sites (even if you’re not going to use it).

Protect Your Future

An ounce of prevention saves a ton of headache when it comes to registering your business on social media. Social media sites allow businesses to claim their name, or handle, and this helps to create a consistent brand and message. If your website is XYZ Brand, then your customers would expect to find your social handles with a name like @XYZBrand. The earlier you try to claim your preferred handle, the more likely you are to be successful at getting it, especially if you have a common name. Brands can work with individuals to obtain desired handles, but beware it can cost you. Even back in 2013, businesses were offering five figures to individuals in efforts to secure brand Twitter handles.

If your business name isn’t available as a social media handle, you should still claim a page. Things like @SallysSalonChicago or @DollysDonutsWrigleyville allow customers to easily find you in search by including your business name with information that helps to identify your specific business.

Gain Valuable SEO Links

SEO is another reason to claim your business profile across social media platforms.  These sites offer a way to establish links to your business website. Search engines like Google look at the amount and quality of websites linking to your site as a factor when displaying search results to users. A lot of high quality links to your site indicate to Google that you have good, valuable content and therefore have the kind of information searchers are looking for. The higher you rank in Google search results, the more likely you’ll get traffic on your website.

Increase Brand Visibility

It’s a good idea to register your business on as many social channels as possible. In addition to the most popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you should consider profiles on Yelp, Nextdoor, Houzz, and more. While you don’t need to maintain an active profile on all these channels, having your handle claimed with some contact information and attractive logo image will help to improve your digital footprint.

Claiming your social media profiles doesn’t have to be a tedious hassle. Contact us to learn more about how our Social Media Profile Brand Lock  can help you to claim your business social media profiles. 

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