Why You Need a SSL For Your Website Before October 2017

Last updated October 2022

Google has been trying to entice you to get a Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificate for years. In 2014 they sweetened the deal by offering an additional SEO boost. In efforts to make the Internet a safer place Chrome will now display security warnings to your visitors in an upcoming October release.

Why Should I Care About This Release?

As of August 2017 Google’s Chrome is installed on about 55% of all devices. That means over half of your visitor’s may be using Chrome to view your website. The security warning will appear in the address bar as “NOT SECURE” if you do not have an SSL and/or are using text or email inputs.

  • So if your website uses contact forms, search bars, login panels, or HTTP:// the “NOT SECURE” message will be shown to your visitors.
  • If you do not have any of the above or are already using a SSL – a “SECURE” message, in green, will be shown to your visitors.

What Type of SSL Should I Purchase?

SSL is a data security tool that is designed to keep communication encrypted in transit to prevent theft and tampering. All SSLs provide the same encryption, however validating each certificate can vary.

Domain Validation (DV)

DV is the easiest SSL to get. All you need to do is confirm you own the domain you are trying to secure.

Extended Validation (EV)

EV is the most hacker-proof certificate and is considered the most trusted. To obtain an EV SSL your company’s legal existence, operation history and physical existence must be confirmed. EV are impossible to fake which is why they get a “very high assurance” grade and turn your browser’s address bar green.

Organization Validation (OV)

OV also requires orgianization legal existence but the validation process requires fewer steps. OV looks the same as DV in the address bar.

Multi-Domain SSL

With a multi-domain SSL you can purchase one SSL to protect up to 100 domains. Eg, www.site.com or site.com

Wildcard SSL

With a wildcard you can protect one domain and any subdomains you have. Eg, www.site.com and blog.site.com and shop.site.com

Confusing? Yes.

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