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Auto Detailing SEO Success Story

Last updated September 2023

Neur’s Managed SEO Services Generate a 143.2% Improvement in our Automotive Client’s Website Traffic

About Our Auto Detailing Client

Our client is an eCommerce one-stop shop for automotive enthusiasts looking for about anything they could think of when it comes to taking care of their cars.

Auto Detailing SEO Challenges

Our client’s previous SEO partner was too focused on meta descriptions and title tags and not enough on the bigger picture. Consequently, they lacked high-value content on their site and had trouble bringing in organic traffic.

Auto Detailing SEO Solutions

Our managed SEO services are custom-tailored to each client’s unique needs, so we performed a robust SEO audit before implementing our solutions to determine the best path forward. Ultimately, we landed on the following three solutions as our primary focus:


Let’s Discuss Your Auto Detailing Marketing Goals

  1. Blogs. Creating high-value, keyword-optimized content to drive traffic from Google to their site without paying for as many PPC campaigns.
  2. Guest Blogs. Bringing in noteworthy bloggers in the automotive industry to boost engagement and overall interest in our client’s brand.
  3. Syndications with Guest Blogs. Working with large automotive blogs to get our content republished and posted elsewhere with redirects to our client’s website.

SEO Results

Once we implemented our three-pronged blog-based strategy, the results were significant.

In just five months, our client’s site gained 8,393 new organic keywords, a 101.03% increase, and saw their organic traffic increase by 45,928 visitors, a 143.2% improvement. We’re proud of the success achieved with this client and look forward to continued improvement through our managed SEO efforts.

Month Organic Keywords Organic Traffic
Jan 2022 8,307 32,072
Feb 2022 11,317 (36.23% MoM increase) 38,331 (19.52% MoM increase)
Mar 2022 16,397 (44.88% MoM increase) 42,666 (11.31% MoM increase)
Apr 2022 16,416 (.16% MoM increase) 52,966 (24.14% MoM increase)
May 2022 16,700 (1.73% MoM increase) 78,000 (47.26% MoM increase)

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Client name redacted to maintain confidentiality.

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