Case Study

Athletics Ontario

Last updated June 2023

Neur has assisted business owners, community members, and organizational leaders from around the world in creating new, easy-to-manage websites. Athletics Ontario engaged Neur for a website redesign to create a sleek new website with a user-friendly WordPress framework and enhance security features. Here’s how Neur was able to create a fast and responsive website for this athletic organization.

About Athletics Ontario

Athletics Ontario, formerly the Ontario Track and Field Association, is the sports governing body for track and field in Canada. Based in Scarborough, Ontario, the organization promotes athletics and supports coaches, officials, athletes


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About the Website

The purpose of the Athletics Ontario website is to attract and inform. This sports governing body organizes and promotes many events on its website and has multiple target audiences. Information needed to be presented clearly and attractively, but also organized in a way so that it was easy for visitors to find the information they were looking for. It was also important that there were visible calls-to-action and ways to capture visitor information.

Athletics Ontario Website Before

Neur Case Study: Athletics Ontario Preview Website Design

The goal of the website refresh was to provide a cleaner and easier user experience, a more modern look, and a way to collect visitor contact information. It was important to create a more modern look to continue to attract new members while keeping some of the classic elements of this 130+-year-old sports organization.

Athletics Ontario Website Redesign

Neur Case Study: Athletics Ontario Laptop View

Neur performed a total website redesign. This new WordPress website was custom-designed and professionally developed. The design fits well with the updated logo and uses the traditional Athletics Ontario red as an accent which makes the entire site feel much cleaner and more modern. The site top navigation menu was streamlined for a more pleasant user experience and easy navigation and call-to-action elements were added to the prominent banner location. Additionally, forms were added to capture visitor email addresses and additional social media buttons were added to attract more new followers and engagement.

As part of the custom WordPress web development for the sports organization’s website, Neur installed plug-ins for additional features and security as well as a custom dashboard. This new dashboard makes it easy for Athletics Ontario to add new content or information to their website in a way that matches the rest of the site and can be done without any HTML or coding knowledge.

Neur Case Study: Athletics Ontario Mobile View

The new Athletics Ontario website features a streamlined and user-friendly mobile view that is easy to understand and navigate. Buttons and links are appropriately sized and the site is responsively designed to help boost search engine ranking. Additional SEO boosters like metadata and security features were added to ensure the best rankability for the new site.

Websites should be refreshed every few years to keep with modern aesthetics and best practices. Contact Neur for a custom quote on affordable WordPress website development services.

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