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4 Ways to Use a Spokesperson Video in Your Business

Last updated October 2022

If you haven’t started using spokesperson videos for your business, you’re missing out. A good spokesperson video can engage your audience, help them understand or make a decision faster, and can supercharge your sales pipeline. Here are 4 ways to leverage a spokesperson video for your business.

Social Media Marketing

If content is king, then video is the supreme being. While video used to be solely the domain of YouTube, every social media channel now not only allows video but prefers it. When it comes to posting on social media, marketers agree that using video in ads generates more clicks and creates better results for organic posts.

When creating a spokesperson video designed to be shared on social media, it’s a good idea to have the video created in a vertical format. This ensures that the video will fit properly into the “safe” zones whether the video is viewed on a desktop or (more likely) mobile device. This is especially true for social networks like Instagram or TikTok that have an almost entirely mobile userbase. It’s also a good idea to add captions to any spokesperson video that is added to social media because viewers may or may not be watching with the sound on.

Replace Long, Boring Text

Let’s face it: there are boring parts to every business. Even if you’re in an exciting industry or have a revolutionary product, there’s likely boring setup instructions, terms and conditions, or frequently asked questions that need to be addressed. A spokesperson video is a great way to provide this typically dry, boring information in a more unique and dynamic format.

In addition to creating a more entertaining experience for your customers, having this information available via a spokesperson video can also provide an accessibility advantage. For some customers, especially those with vision or reading comprehension difficulties, reading pages of plain text can be nearly impossible. Creating a spokesperson video that can relay this same information in a friendly, visual manner can be a great way to accommodate your existing customers and win new ones.

Create Trust

One of the best parts of using a spokesperson video for your company or brand is the trust it can create with your audience. Because the viewer is able to put a face to the company, they feel like they have developed a real relationship. That’s why companies often use spokespeople like Flo from Progressive or Jake from State Farm in their marketing. Depending on your business or industry, it may be a smart choice to use a variety of different actors for your spokesperson videos so that the division between character and employee is clear, however, there are benefits to using the same spokesperson for every one of your videos.

Reach New Audiences

If you’ve been spending time working on SEO to increase the organic traffic on your website, it’s time to consider a spokesperson video. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, right behind Google, and video content is the only way to appear on YouTube. Just like you can improve the ability of your website to be found through SEO tactics, you can use many of the same tricks like using keywords and writing compelling titles to have your videos reach even more people.

Ready to get started creating a spokesperson video for your business? Contact us today! We make it easy to have your existing content turned into a professional spokesperson video that can be shared on your website, social media, and more.

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