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4 Ideas for Your Business Spokesperson Videos

Last updated January 2023

Video content is the frontier for marketers and business owners looking to reach new customers. Video is highly engaging and 55% of consumers use videos for purchase decisions, but videos can assist your sales pipeline long before purchase time. 71% of consumers say they prefer video over other types of marketing content. If you’re serious about reaching new customers, it’s time to consider investing in a spokesperson video for your business, but what should you create? Here are 4 ideas for your business spokesperson video.

Business Explainer Videos 

One of the first videos you should have created is a business explainer video. This video should provide a broad overview of your business: what you do or sell, who you serve, the top benefits of your product/service, and any important “elevator pitch” information. Videos should be kept short with the ideal spokesperson video lasting about 2-4 minutes. This ensures you have enough time to cover the highlights while still keeping your audience’s attention. 

Business Explainer Example:

Product Explainer Videos

Another foundational video to create is a product or service-specific explainer video. This video should go deeper into a single product or service and highlight any features or benefits. Depending on your business or industry, it may be a good idea to pair a spokesperson video explaining your products or service alongside another video that showcases your product or service in use. Product explainer videos can be especially impactful for businesses that offer impressive benefits, but don’t have a strong visual component — things like cloud storage, crypto mining, or software as a service company. 


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Frequently Asked Questions Videos

A spokesperson video can be a great way to address your business’ frequently asked questions. You can choose to do a video series where each video addresses one question in detail or do a rapid-fire frequently asked question video that answers several questions quickly. 

Pro Tips Videos

As an expert in your industry, there’s likely things that you know that aren’t known or obvious to the general public. Creating a “pro tips” video can help showcase your industry thought leadership as well as help your customers to get the most out of your product or service. This can also be done as a video series or as a single all-encompassing video depending on your specific business. 

We’ve made it easy to create video content for your business with our bespoke spokesperson video service. We’ll turn your existing content into a captivating and high-quality spokesperson video that can be used on your website, social media, and YouTube. Get more information about our spokesperson video service to get started today!

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