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3 Benefits of Keyword Rank Tracker for SEO on Your WordPress Site

Last updated October 2022

Keyword tracking might seem like only the type of thing nerdy web development or SEO folks are interested in (and we are!), but it’s not just the tech-savvy who can benefit. These are some of the best reasons you should install a keyword tracker on your WordPress website.

What is a Keyword Rank Tracker?

Let’s go back to basics. If you had to use 5 words or phrases to describe your website, what would they be? For someone like Netflix, it might be shows, streaming, video, tv, movies, but for a site like Sally’s Shoes, it might be shoe, sandal, heel, leather, formal. These different words make up your keywords. Ideally, your website will be filled with keywords that are relevant to your website — that’s how search engines like Google or Bing know which audiences to direct to your page. A keyword rank tracker allows someone to see how well they are ranking on search engines for their particular keywords. The better the ranking, the higher the website shows up in Google search results, and the more likely a person is to click to visit the website. Keywords and working to improve keyword ranking make up the basics of SEO.

Keyword rank tracking tools are available as part of a lot of other SEO tools or platforms. Yoast and RankMath are among the most popular as free options, but companies like SEMRush and Ahrefs also have some great insights available as well. Managed keyword tracking services are great for busy business owners who want the data without having to monitor or measure themselves.

Benefit 1: Understand the current site traffic

Keyword rank tracking can help to understand how search engines view a website as well as more about the people who visit it. Sites that contain very general keywords, things like service, business, or operations may attract a lot of visitors, but likely a low percent will be truly interested. Those with many industry-specific keywords will likely attract fewer, but more targeted visitors.

Quick Tip:

If you’re trying to sell more products or book more appointments, try adding keywords to your site that are very specific to your business or industry. While the number of people who visit your site won’t dramatically increase, it’s likely the ones who are attracted by those longer and more specific keywords are going to convert.

Benefit 2: Size up the competition

The main difference between a “keyword” and the rest of the words on a webpage is frequency. Keywords are words or phrases that show up across multiple pages and posts across a website, creating the theme or topic of a site. Because keywords are located across consumer-facing parts of the website, it’s easy to see what your competitors are up to.

Quick Tip:

Trying to stand out in a competitive field? Checking out competitors’ keywords can clarify what others are doing and gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself.  Most keyword rank tracker plugins will have a feature to allow you to monitor or compare your keywords to your industry or specific competitors. 

Benefit 3: Find new opportunities

Monitoring your keywords and tracking those of your competition can be a great way to see new opportunities or spot untapped markets. While it’s likely you and your competitors will have many of the same keywords, it’s the ones that are unique that offer the biggest insight.

Quick Tip:

Thinking about adding a new product or service? Before getting started it may be a good idea to check your competition’s keywords. You’ll learn how they position it as well as any other additional products or services that are often bundled with it.

Installing a keyword rank tracker on a WordPress website is very simple thanks to the many free and paid tools available through WordPress directly. Interested in learning more about how keyword tracking, link building, and other SEO best practices can help improve your digital presence? Check out the guides, courses, and services available now!

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