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The Best SEO Practices for Chicago Businesses in 2022

Last updated January 2024

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the creme de la creme for any company wanting to make a difference with its marketing efforts. Google bridges the gap for companies in all industries that want to level the playing field. 

Today, 90% of marketers put digital strategies to use. Learning solid SEO should become a foundational part of your marketing efforts. 

Our SEO guide will help you out when you’re trying to gain an edge over your competition. Here are some of the best SEO practices for Chicago businesses today.

Brush Up on Your Local Keywords

Learning as much as you can about keywords should be foundational to your SEO strategy. These keywords should be used in your content, website, metatags, and other areas.

Put some time into researching your keywords to learn what phrases people are searching for. Long-tail keywords make up 70% of organic searches today. 

Since you’re in Chicago, you need to learn which local keywords can help you the most. This can include common citywide keywords and those dealing with neighborhoods and other aspects of Chicago. 

Take Advantage of Google Business Listings

The fact of the matter is that 90% of search engine queries originate with Google. Getting your Google rankings in order will help your site traffic and overall bottom line. 

Google Business listings allow your business to be easily found when people are searching. You’ll need to claim your business and verify the address, phone number, spelling, and other contact information. 


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Create Stellar Content With Regularity

Publishing amazing content is one of the best digital marketing steps that you can take. This is a necessity if you’re trying to learn how to rank well on Google. 

Blogging and creating video content are two of the premier ways to get SEO success. A blogger will be able to use keywords that draw people in, and the quality of the content will keep them. 

Long-form content is winning big right now, so make sure that you have plenty of quality information for the public. It should be well-written and also include link-building strategies and quality sourced multimedia. 

Do your due diligence as well by shooting stellar video that hits your key performance indicators (KPIs) with each publishing. 

Focus on Mobile and Voice Search

Factor in mobile SEO so that you can get results with your marketing. Currently, 97% of Americans owns a mobile phone, while 92% own a smartphone. 

You will reach people in a meaningful manner when you design your site to be found and navigated by people on these devices. 

Voice search is also the next frontier of web use. Many people speak to their home automation devices to fetch information, so you should optimize your keywords and content accordingly. 

Practice the best SEO Practices for Chicago Businesses

The points of reference above explain the best SEO practices that Chicago businesses today should key in on. Your company can win big when you put these tips to use in a meaningful way. 

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