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Remarketing Only PPC Management Service

First impressions are important, but in business, not every first impression leads to a sale or appointment. Sometimes it’s the follow-up that’s key. Keep in front of prospective clients who have shown interest in your business with Remarketing Only PPC Management service.

This service requires a monthly Google Ad spend of at least $250, paid directly to Google, and a one-time setup fee of $300.

Remarketing Only PPC Management is best suited for businesses looking to boost current marketing efforts, increase leads (especially in long sales funnels), stay top-of-mind to prospects, or achieve a better rate of leads turning to sales.

$500.00 / month and a $300.00 one-time setup fee

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Remarketing Only PPC Management Service

Have you ever noticed an ad for a product or service after visiting a website? That’s remarketing PPC at work! Staying top-of-mind with your customers is important and remarketing allows you to create the most opportunity to convert people who have previously visited your website. Streamline your marketing and make staying in front of interested prospects easy with Remarketing Only PPC Management services.

With Remarketing Only PPC Management Services you’ll get:

  • Complete Google Ads Setup & Management
  • Professionally Designed Landing Page
  • Remarketing Audience Creation
  • Campaign Design
  • Ad Copy
  • Tracking Audit/Implementation
  • Weekly Reports
  • Monthly Strategy Performance Reviews

Remarketing Only PPC Management Service FAQs

How It Works

We start with an onboarding call to understand your business and goals. Then we'll perform competitive research and design your campaigns. Once approved we'll push the campaign live and start our optimization process. We optimize the campaigns for performance to reduce costs and maximize ROI. We send weekly reports from your dedicated campaign manager.

What niches do you not accept?

We do not accept niches that are against Google’s Advertising policy. Additionally, we don’t accept advertising on PPC terms (i.e. we won’t run ads for you to get PPC clients) as it would be a conflict of interest for us.

How much do I need to be involved?

You can be involved as little or as much as you like, but the businesses that take an active role in communication work best. We’re here to do all the hard work, but the more you communicate with us, the better we can optimize your campaigns!

How does pricing and payments work?

Our tiers are designed based on total Ad Spend. You pay the actual ad spend directly to Google, and we simply charge the management fee. Please note, we are unable to offer refunds for any ad spend paid to Google. Once ad spend payments are made to Google, they are final.

Do you keep my credit card on file for ad spend?

No, this is kept on file inside your Google Ads account and you’re charged directly from Google.

Will I receive reports?

Yes, our goal is to 100% transparent with you at all times. First, you’ll get a custom dashboard that you can access 24/7 to check the performance of your campaigns. Secondly, you’ll receive weekly updates from your campaign manager.

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