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Why Choose a Chicago Social Media Management Service

Last updated October 2022

Social media has shown it has the power to reach wide audiences at a very low cost. While this is great for businesses looking to bootstrap their way to success, it can feel like another burden for your business to handle. Whether you’re a small business, solo entrepreneur, or a large enterprise looking to up your social media game, here’s what you should consider when looking for social media management for your Chicago business.

Keep It Local

There are thousands of social media management companies out there, but one of the best ways you can set your business up for success is to use a local Chicago-area social media management company. While you might save money by enlisting a provider out of the Windy City metro, it’s unlikely you’ll get the results you’ve been looking for. Unless you have a giant, global brand, most of your followers and social media audience are probably located within 30 miles of your business, and regional familiarity is key to landing the right tone. Your social media management company should know which sports teams your customers cheer for (Go Cubs!) and they should be in on the inside jokes and nuances that humanize your brand and show your city pride (no matter how long it’s been, it’s still the Sears Tower).

In today’s fast-moving, and sometimes tragic news cycle, having a local Chicago social media manager is critically important for another reason: context. While Chicago is a wonderful place to live, it is a big city and that can often come with the unsavory parts of city life. Having a Chicago-based social media management company means that you can avoid publishing a post that can cause embarrassment because the intention of your message gets distorted by the news of the day.

Serve Your Audience (Sirva a su audiencia)

Success on social media is all about considering your audience. It’s important to not only have great content that fits their needs and interests, but also their language. For some businesses, this means having a social media management company that understands the difference between Chicago-style and Detroit-style pizza, but for others, this might mean offering social media content in Spanish and English.

About 18% of Chicago residents speak primarily Spanish, making a Spanish social media strategy the perfect fit for many businesses. When thinking about social media, it’s also important to consider not only customers and potential customers as your audience, but also potential employees. Social media isn’t just Facebook and Twitter, if your company employs a large Hispanic workforce, it may be a good idea to consider LinkedIn posts in Español. 

For a lot of people, social media marketing is just another thing they have to do in their business. It’s like accounting or recruiting, it’s vitally important, but as a business owner, it’s not what you WANT to do. At Neur, we understand that Chicago business owners have a lot on their “must-do” list which is why we offer top-quality social media management at an affordable price. Take managing your social media off your “to-do” list by contacting us today.

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