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Why Choose a Chicago PPC Management Company

Last updated October 2022

Getting the word out about your product or service used to be expensive and time-consuming. You had to film a television commercial, buy radio time, or design an ad for the paper, and once you bought it, you were stuck. It didn’t matter if you sold out of your product in a day, you already bought the media for the next weeks or months. Today, paid media comes with much more flexibility thanks to technology that allows for quick pivots, and nowhere is that more true than your PPC ads. But just like the local newspaper or tv station of yesteryear, even digital campaigns need a local touch. Here’s why you should trust your PPC campaign management to a Chicago-area professional.

Talk Like a Local, Reach Locals

When it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, your success is directly related to the keywords you choose. That’s why choosing a local Chicago PPC management company is so important. Every city has a certain shorthand for popular places, people, and things. While this is often noticeable in speaking with someone from a different city or state, it can be difficult to notice when you live and work in an area.

One of the easiest ways to understand the way a local Chicago PPC manager can outperform someone from another area on the digital search campaigns for your Chicago business is by considering the L. If someone were to ask you the easiest way to get from the airport to downtown, it’s likely you’d tell them to take the L. Now imagine your PPC campaign was only bidding on keywords relating to “train”. Not only would you be missing out on all the traffic for searches related to the L, but you would also be in competition with commuter trains and Amtrak trains that are also bidding on that keyword.

Small Business, Small Target

In addition to understanding the words used by web searchers in Chicago, a Chicago PPC management company will understand the specific areas that you’re targeting… even if they’re not pin-pointable on a map. When you outsource your PPC campaign management to someone located in another part of the US or abroad, you need to be incredibly explicit about the areas you are targeting. While Google maps can guide us (almost) flawlessly around Chicago, there are a lot of nuances about neighborhood boundaries and names that aren’t always obvious. When does River North become Streeterville? Is the Magnificent Mile a neighborhood or just the stretch of Michigan Ave? At what point does Chicago stop and Oak Park, Cicero, or Evanston begin? A local PPC company will understand the level specificity that can make the difference between PPC ads that convert and those that don’t.

PPC campaigns allow your business to pivot on a dime. You can change major details like the product or service you’re featuring or change the audience you’re targeting with little to no time wasted. Even better for businesses on a budget, unlike traditional paid ads, PPC campaigns allow you to measure your results and you’ll know exactly how many people saw and acted on your campaign. Ready to get your business started with a local PPC management service? Contact Neur today or check out our PPC management service page to get started.

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