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Should Your Small Business be on TikTok?

Last updated September 2023

With more than 689 million global monthly users, TikTok has emerged as the hottest new social media site. Like other social media, early adopters are often rewarded with large followings and increased influence, but is TikTok a good choice for your business? Here are three ways to use TikTok for small business.


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If Your Target Audience is 13-29…

TikTok skews strongly toward a younger user base. In fact, more than 60% of US TikTok users are between the ages of 10-29. Understanding the main users of the app can help businesses to create a strategy that will provide the best return on investment.

Companies that sell products or services geared toward this age group may find success with product demonstrations, creative positioning, influencer partnerships, or even creating a viral trend — the types of content typically seen on TikTok.

When creating content for TikTok, it’s important to keep it short, creative, and light-hearted. Using trending sound clips will also help to reach a larger audience as videos on TikTok can be searched by audio.

If Your Target Audience is Under 50…

According to research, about 90% of US TikTok users are under age 50, meaning that products geared toward older adults like annuity insurance or mobility services are unlikely to find direct marketing results from TikTok.

Instead, these companies can benefit from taking a long-game approach. Rather than using tactics for an immediate sale, these businesses can provide bite-sized education and helpful tips that help increase overall brand awareness and trust.

Businesses like financial planners, healthcare providers, lenders, and other professional services have seen success with “Stuff they don’t teach you in school”-style posts that share information and can build a brand following that can be monetized in a different channel like a website, e-book, or other.

If Your Target Audience is Over 50…

In general, TikTok may not be the best option for your business if your target audience is over 50 years old. Although the app has been used by nearly 100 million Americans, it’s highly unlikely that your target audience will see your content making it more hassle to produce than it’s likely worth.

That said, businesses geared towards older adults (like nursing homes or retirement facilities) have seen success with TikTok when used as a recruiting and employment-branding tool.

If Your Target Audience is Everyone…

Some products and services don’t have a demographic-specific audience and instead are marketed towards the widest audience possible. For these small businesses, TikTok is a great way to reach this large audience in a fun and innovative way. Global companies can do especially well using TikTok for exposure as the app is wildly popular all over the world.

Branching into new social networks is a great way to find new audiences and customers.

Whether you’re looking for general brand recognition or want to increase your following, you’re going to want a website that can help you convert the audience you’ve worked hard to build.

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