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Quick Web Wins: Click To Call Links

Last updated October 2022

If there was an easy way for customers to call you from your website would you add it? Luckily there is and it’s easy to implement on your website, especially if you have a WordPress website. Click to call links add a better experience for your mobile visitors. Instead of trying to remember all seven digits they simply click, or tap, on your phone number and are then presented with the dialer on their device — ready to call you.

Click to Call HTML

The click to call code goes in the standard a or anchor tag you may already be familiar with. If you’ve linked pages on a website before you may have seen the code <a href=”… but instead of having another URL in the herf we’ll replace it tel: and then our phone number.

<a href=”tel:630-557-6387″>(630) 557-NEUR</a>

Notice that our phone number is after tel: and this is what will display on our visitors device when they click to call us. The content inside the tag is what will display on the website. In our case the 6387 spells Neur so we’ll display that on our website as another helpful way for users to remember our company name and telephone number. You can edit the content between the tags to display something link “Call Us” or add an image. It all depends on what’s best for your website.

Click to Call with WordPress

Adding click to call links in WordPress is just like linking a page with one slight difference — the value in the href.

Click to Call HTML Tutorial

  • Highlight the content you would like to link
  • Click the link button
  • Type tel: and then your phone number in the pop up box and click apply
  • Save or publish your page

Click to Call Notes

Listed below are some helpful tips to take into consideration when creating click to call links.

  • When using international phone numbers use the plus sign +, country code, area code and number.
  • It’s a good idea to separate each segment with hyphens (eg 630-557-6387) for easier reading and better auto-detection.
  • Click to call may not work on desktop devices. Users may be prompted to open an additional program like Skype if they click the link on desktop.

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