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PPC for Beginners

Getting started in PPC advertising can feel like drinking from an acronym-filled firehose. Thankfully PPC isn’t too hard to understand when you break down all the jargon and industry fluff. Here’s your beginner’s guide to PPC.

What is PPC?

PPC is short for pay-per-click. PPC campaigns are a type of digital advertising campaign that allows the advertiser to only pay when an ad is clicked, not just seen, making it great for reaching those who are ready to buy or act.

The two most common types of PPC campaigns are search and display. Search campaigns revolve around showing ads when someone performs a search on Google and typically the ads are text-based. Display campaigns are visual campaigns, like billboards of the internet, and are more often used as a branding tactic. These campaigns have different best practices, strategies, and tactics to accomplish particular business goals.

Who uses PPC?

PPC campaigns are most often used by businesses looking to sell more products or win more leads. PPC ads are intended to have a logical and clear-cut endpoint, often a phone call, form submission, or online purchase, traditionally known as a call-to-action.

There are a few different uses for PPC campaigns as well. You can start small and attract new customers with a call only PPC campaign or re-engage with those who haven’t fully converted yet through remarketing PPC campaigns or accomplish both with a fully managed PPC program.

How does PPC work?

All pay-per-click ad campaigns have the same basic requirements. You need to know which keywords you want to bid on, what your ads should say, which websites to place your ads on, and what kind of demographic targeting should be done. Then you upload your information to an ad provider like Google and your ad begins to serve. After your ad has been serving for a period of time, it’s wise to go back and check on the performance and make any optimizations as needed.

Why is PPC advertising a good idea?

You know your customers are already searching for businesses like yours on Google. PPC ads allow your business to be prominently displayed above your competitors and smart ad copy means you’ll stand out. The more visible your business is, the more likely you are to win these new customers. A successful PPC campaign can take some time to produce results so it’s important to have patience when starting a new PPC ad campaign.

When should PPC be used?

PPC campaigns are great for established businesses that are looking to grow and can afford the commitment that PPC campaigns require. PPC should be considered a next-level digital marketing strategy after your business has a solidly built and well-designed website.

Interested in getting started with a PPC campaign for your business? We make it easy with several options for managed campaigns that let you sit back and let the leads roll in. See all available PPC campaign management services or connect with us for any specific requests or questions.

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