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Ecommerce Ideas for 2023

Last updated March 2023

If this is the year you’re planning to start your online business, you’re in great company. Many people have seen the power of ecommerce in creating a solid side hustle or primary income and the potential continues to grow as more and more people do their shopping online. While the specifics vary, one of the first parts of building your ecommerce business is to find a product to sell. Here are some of the best ecommerce product ideas for 2023.

Vegan Ecommerce Ideas

What do Zac Efron, Venus Williams, and Sir Paul McCartney have in common? They’re all famous vegans. Veganism has been popular among the celebrity and eco-conscious sets for ages and has been rapidly growing in popularity with the general public. While much of the vegan diet is naturally grown, there are quite a few opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to get into the vegan products space.

For example, the chart above shows the growing search popularity of vegan health and products that are easily packaged, stored, and shipped. The trend toward veganism is also being seen in other realms such as vegan clothing or vegan cleaning products making this a trend even carnivores can get behind!

Car Camping/Van Life Ecommerce Ideas

Oh, how things have changed. Living in a van down by the river was once an SNL punchline and now the very real dream of many people. Searches for “van life” and “car camping” have been consistent and growing for the past five years with increased interest as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to find new ways to safely travel and explore.

There are a lot of different ways to join in on this trend from products that are specially designed to work within the tight confines of a van or car to services that help people convert their automobiles to residences on wheels. Look for a product with a wide appeal and you’ll be able to market to not only those looking for a #vanlife or car camping experience, but also more seasoned campers, hikers, or backpackers looking to add a little something extra to their gear.

Plants & Indoor Gardening Supplies

Houseplants are having a moment, or rather, many moments as their popularity has been increasing for several years. As people spend more time at home, they’re looking for both ways to beautify their space and fill up their time. Enter indoor gardening.

This trend has wide appeal from those looking to improve indoor air quality to those who want to add a bohemian or hygge feel to their space. Starting an online greenhouse can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a green thumb yourself, but there is enough search intent to suggest that gardening products like macrame plant hangers or funky watering cans would make for a great ecommerce site.

Is 2023 the year you start your online business or side hustle? Check out some other great ideas for starting your ecommerce website or learn how to make money with a website and contact us to get started with building your website today!

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